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Design Challenge’s Student Winner Donates 3D Printer Prize to UC Berkeley’s Maker Space

by • April 14, 2016 • No Comments

make1Casey Rogers is a UC Berkeley student and the Co-President of the university’s student-run makerspace, the 3D Modeling Club. He’s in addition the new winner of the 2015 Make the Unmakeable Global 3D Printing Challenge. This challenge, sponsored by both FATHOM and GrabCAD, had hundreds of submissions of 19 countries and 4 continents. In order to qualify, all of these entrants had to create 3D printable drone accessories that highlighted one or additional of the future qualities: create freedom, structural optimization, and high end building. In addition, the create had to demonstrate an “impactful purpose in a specific industry.” What precisely did Rogers create that had him winning the grand prize: a $15,000 uPrint SE professional-grade 3D printing device? And what did he do with the 3D printing device?

According to Rich Stump, FATHOM’s Principal and Co-Founder, Rogers’ create “quite embodied what the challenge is all of.” His Quadcopter Universal Gripper for the Horus Drone was an object that may not be manufactured via traditional methods (one of the challenge’s submission criteria). Rogers explains how 3D printing allowed his create to come to fruition, and how he meant to “leverage the durablity” of 3D printing as opposed to just building a thing printable:

horus“The organic branching structure and rigorous geometry of the arm reduces mass while maintaining durablity but cannot be manufactured via traditional methods for the reason of its intricate shape. I in addition utilized living hinges in the landing gear by leveraging 3D printing’s talent to print in multiple materials. In every component of the create there is one or additional ways 3D printing was utilized to improve the component over a comparable traditionally manufacturable part.”

One industry that Rogers suggests his create may be great for is construction, but he in addition has other ideas of its applications. He asks us to “imagine a quadcopter with arms at the front for manipulating and soldering wires in addition to the gripper at the base.” This quadcopter may apply the gripper to the top of a cell tower on an adjoining bar or pole and use the gripper to hold itself in position “while the arms on front perform repairs to the cell tower’s equipment.” According to Rogers, a quadcopter gripper may in addition attach to a high tree branch and “saw the branch off via a sawing mechanism attached to its front.” These are informative applications that Rogers suggests are “universal.”

MTUC-Casey-Blog-PolyJet-Parts2We are beginning to see how Rogers’ create won him the grand prize of that $15,000 uPrint SE professional-grade 3D printing device, right? And that’s not all, individuals. Upon hearing the news that he was a finalist in the challenge, he told FATHOM that he may many likely give the printing device to the 3D Modeling Club (3DMC), and that’s precisely what he has done. Rogers explains his analytic thinking for this decision:

“Our maker space is an informative and one-of-a-kind group. We’re of half desktop science majors, half miscellaneous humanities majors. The space has given a lot of individuals, that include myself, a glimpse into this quite amazing new innovation that our curriculum otherwise mayn’t have provided.”

This 3D printing device, that is being delivered by FATHOM future month, is the many high end piece of equipment for the 3DMC UC Berkeley space so far. You can read additional of plans for the printing device here. Onward, young tech innovators! Discuss in the Casey Rogers Donates 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.