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Design and Print the Doll of Your Dreams – 3D Printing Industry

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Obviously anything doll-related may not be a thing to associate with dreams for a few, but there are communities of doll collectors that are dimensionsabler than you’d first ponder.
One doll community that is starting to feel the force of 3D printing in particular, is the Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) community.
What is a Ball Jointed Doll?
A BJD is a doll that showcases ball joints, and is strung together with elastic cord. Most are cast in resin and finished by hand, preceding being professionally painted, that is why they come with really a hefty pricetag. But, this does not stop doll hobbyists of collecting them, painting them, developing characters and manufacturing accessories. The ‘custom’ element of these dolls is what brings many folks into the hobby (as well as them being super certainly and rad to appear at) and ‘custom’ products are becoming additional and additional widely generated on 3D printing devices.
IMG_3269Sculpt: Ringdoll Andrew, credit to Lydia Mahon
These resin BJDs allow you alter their eyes, hair, how the face is painted, and body parts can actually be mixed and matched depending on the owners requirements to assist turn it into the ideal doll for them. They actually come in a wide range in dimensionss, of as tiny as under 10cm, to over a metre tall. More common dimensionss include 1/6 scale (around 27cm), 1/4 scale (around 45cm) , 1/3 scale (around 60cm) and dimensionsabler (70cm +).
IMG_1003sculpt: Kids Sky Moonstone, credit to Lydia Mahon
But the levels customisation these dolls may already contribute only is not adequate to a few, as that ideal face shape can frequently be only out of revery. This is where RML manufactures their entrance.
RML allows for customers to version their own doll face via a user friendly program, print the 3D versionled face, finish, paint and and so assemble the face and body into a full doll.
How do I customise my own doll face?
A user friendly program called ‘RML 3D FACEMAKER’ presents you with a list of facial showcases that you can manipluate via a sliding bar that you can identify and scroll side to side with a desktop mouse or touchpad. You don’t have to pay anything to use the program, so I’ve may already had a go at creating my own dream doll. Here’s the link to the program, that requires unity web player and a browser to run. It does not run in Google Chrome, but it works with many other browsers.
You can turn it into a wide range of faces, here are two I turn it intod myself, that both appear quite various. The various sliders do require a lot of tweaking in order to balance equitething and turn it into a face, but its super fun, especially when RML encourages users to share their creates with every other. They do stress that users can’t use their creates on a commercial level, yet.
Providing a program that uses a browser to run is particularly useful, as it does not shut out future users who may otherwise be unable to download dimensionsable programs only to customise a doll face.
To get your finished create over to RML for manufacturing, all you do is copy and paste the code at the bottom into the right box in the order form, and they do the rest. Make certain to click the ‘creation code’ button when you are finished creating, otherwise you either won’t have a code or may have the wrong one!

Just imagine if this kind of software may be utilized for other customised items? A chair? An ornament? One of the largest problems when it comes to 3D printing is the lack of user friendly programs that opens doors for those who struggle with difficult 3D versionling software, so this may be the way forwards for customers to customise products themselves.
Once the information is sent off to RML, the face is printed in nylon via a 3D printing device.
Once printed, the face is a bit rocky, that is satisfactory for a few figurines and toys that are printed, but in the world of BJDs, the dolls require to be finished to a quite high level of high end, after the printing stage, the head is and so sent to an artist who sands and paints the doll face.
The head can be bought separately as is, without a body too, for those who want to paint the doll themselves.
You can get the full doll with a body, that stands at 60cm tall, fitting into the 1/3 category for dolls, in addition placing it at of the average dimensions for a BJD. This does not seem that significant for a few, but many owners struggle with buying clothing for dolls that are odd dimensionss, so having your own custom doll at a dimensions that is effortless to buy accessories for manufactures the doll all the additional attractive to future owners.
The finished face is smooth, painted professionally, and sealed with a Japanese branded matte sealant called ‘Mr Super Clear’.

From this point, you can either buy accessories and clothing straight of RML, or source or manufacture your own. As a doll collector myself, its awe-inspiring to understand that I can customise a doll down to the tiniest of facial showcases, like lip thickness.

It is a bit complex to find the right area on the website for equitething to be in English, but if you select the English version in the facemanufacturer program page its a lot simpler to navigate the site. But, you can in addition access the FAQ here and the order form here to see what RML has to contribute.

3D printed doll clothes too?

RML does not stop there with their 3D printing expertise either, as they in addition 3D print flexible plastic fantasy clothing for their dolls.

The clothing is printed in flexible acrylic, and is versionled and printed to fit their specific doll. Sadly this means these creates aren’t the right dimensions to fit other BJDs on the market, but if you take place to own one of their dolls, this clothing should fit.

I’ve seen all too many doll collectors angst over never finding the ideal face for a character they want to customise a doll for, so it’s amazingly amazing to see that you can in fact customise a doll face to precisely what you require. In fact, it is described in the FAQ that you can contact RML of them assisting you to turn it into a particular appear if you can’t really manage it via the program, so actually if you struggle with the software, you can yet have the doll face of your dreams!
Happy Customising!


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