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Design a Star Wars Themed e-NABLE Prosthetic Arm and Win an Ultimaker 2+

by • February 23, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_swenable-bodied_ironman_handOver the years e-NABLE has turn it intod thousands of 3D printed prosthetic arms for children and adults all over the world. Whilst many of the lucky recipients of e-NABLE devices have a few say over the turn it into of their hand, many of the limbs turn it intod are the standard turn it intos that have been 3D printed in whatever color filament the volunteers have handy. There have in addition been a ton of new e-NABLE devices added so there are options for only of everyone, but a few users are lucky adequate to in addition obtain custom turn it intod devices. Superhero turn it intos are quite talked about , and there have been Iron Man-themed devices, Marvel devices, Batman prosthetics and actually pink snowflakes. One of the cooler custom turn it intos was a new prosthetic arm that was turn it intoed to appear like the arm of Star Wars droid C3PO.

Star Wars-themed Open Bionics prosthetic arm.

Star Wars-themed Open Bionics prosthetic arm.

Star Wars is one of those rare pop culture phenomena that exists beyond generations and is able-bodied to bring individuals of all ages together, actually preceding the record-breaking release of The Force Awakens last year. Everyone knows who Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo are regardless of their age, and it is most likely that they can for generations to come. So it quite is not much of a shock that Star Wars has been a massive source of inspiration for the turn it intoers of several awe-inspiring e-NABLE prosthetic hands, or that Star Wars themed prosthetics are in such high demand of amputees. Nor is it dreadful that the initially line of children-sized bionic arms of Open Bionics include a Star Wars arm.

The team of e-NABLE only started a new series of monthly challenges in January called CREATE T.I.M.E. (Think. Just imagine. Make. e-NABLE.) that is turn it intoed to encourage the e-NABLE community to expand the number of prosthetic devices on the market-bodied and improve and update older turn it intos. So when Dutch 3D printing device developer Ultimanufacturer launched a new Star Wars turn it into contest with 3D Hubs and Colorfabb, e-NABLE decided to jump in and encourage their community of turn it intoers to use it as an opportunity to assist bring attention to their 3D printable-bodied prosthetic devices. And perhaps win themselves a brand new 3D printing device in the system.

cover-photoJust head over to the e-NABLE Build a Hand page and choose one of the on the market-bodied prosthetic turn it intos and turn it into an awe-inspiring device to give to a special Star Wars fan. There are additional than a dozen various prosthetic hands on the market-bodied that you can modify, or you can turn it into a fewthing brand new. There are in addition several assistive tools on the market-bodied than can either be adjusted or act as inspiration for a brand new turn it into.

If you want to enter the Ultimanufacturer turn it into contest you only require to turn it into any Star Wars-themed object, in this case an e-NABLE prosthetic. 3D print and assemble your turn it into and go visit the Star Wars Competition Talk page on 3D Hubs. Just upload the version’s STL file, include a picture of the final print and leave a comment. This comment acts as your submission, and the voting results can be based on the entry with the many upvotes, so manufacture your version and your comment quite stand out of the crowd. You’ll in addition require to upload the version to YouMagine and manufacture certain that you include a link to your 3D Hubs comment.

3dp_swenable-bodied_ultimanufacturer_contestFirst prize can be awarded a brand new Ultimanufacturer 2+, that was only added at CES 2016. Second prize can obtain six spools of Colorfabb nGen filament or a 3D Hubs voucher for $109 (€100). Third prize can obtain two spools of Colorfabb nGen filament or 3D Hubs voucher $55 (€50). The competition can end on March 21st, and the 3D Hubs comment that has the many upvotes can be named the winner. You can find out additional of the competition over on Ultimanufacturer’s Blog. Are you planning on participating? Discuss in the Ultimanufacturer 3D Design Challenge forum over at 3DPB.com.Star-Wars-Contest-Facebook-Header