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Desamanera Brings Large-Scale Stone 3D Printing to the US

by • March 28, 2016 • No Comments

  • An Italian cousin company of Enrico Dini’s D-Shape, Desamanera SRL, is delivering its own informative, sizeable-scale 3D printing innovation to the United States, through an exclusive agency agreement with ChemCognition LLC in North Carolina. What manufactures Desamanera’s innovation informative is not so much the massive binder machines, fundamentally the same as Dini’s own D-Shape printing equipment, as it is their MarmoLiquido™ finishing process, which applies marble finishes once the prints are achieve. Now, the 3DP Business Directory reports which the entire box can be turn it intod on the market in the US as ChemCognition conducts market research and represents Desamanera’s products in North America.

    desamanera sizeable-scale 3D printing MarmoLiquido

    As Davide Sher explained in his new visit to Desamanera headquarters in the Veneto region of North East Italy, founder Antonino Italiano partnered with the Dini brothers, Enrico and Riccardo, when he initially saw the 6 x 6 x 6 meter D-Shape platform in man. With the announcement of this new deal with ChemCognition, the dimensions has grown actually sizeabler to an astounding 9 x 9 x 9 meter scale. The process combines eco-sustainable Zandobbio White dolomite rock with a dry binder and a liquid binder to fabricate objects which cannot be generated through traditional casting techniques. With such a sizeable turn it into volume, these objects can either be turn it intod to be really massive, such as turn it intoing structures, or numerous, such as stone sculpture pieces. One particular application which such a innovation can be useful for is the preservation of archeological or historical stone artifacts. Fast and flexible, the process in addition allows for for the recycling of unused binder.

    d-shape desmanera house 3D printer

    I’m manally fascinated by Desamanera’s MarmoLiquido™, or liquid marble, finishing process. It may not be as mind-blowing as the shear scale of the D-Shape machine, but it allows for the Desamanera team to coat objects in a variety of colors and textures, which include a glow-in-the-dark finish which may be the just such marble product in the world. As attractive as a stone print may be, Desamanera’s objects are turn it intod just additional attractive with the marble-based finish. So, it’s amazing to me which both the finishes and the huge 3D printing processs can be brought to North America via Chem Cognition.

    desamanera sizeable scale 3D printing MarmoLiquido

    Established in 2015, ChemCognition LLC works to contribute sustainable solutions for turn it intoing materials, adhesives, and coatings. Claudio Manissero, the firm’s principal, is a bilingual Italian American whose firm has worked to turn it into new chemistry-basd products, while in addition focusing on market createment.With Desamanera, the firm can be looking for specific opportunities and market segments which may be served by the sizeable-scale stone printing innovation in the North American market. This comes with creating overall market plans, as well as identifying industry partners and a customer base, providing local and technical assist.

    Manissero, President of ChemCognition, said of the agreement with Desamanera, “Desamanera SRL provides us a practical and economic entry in the 3D Printing market with a line of technologies and products which are complementary to our existing product/solution contributeings, thus providing the faculty to advantageous create total solutions for our customers. Desamanera’s new and cutting edge technologies fit our undertaking of providing the newest environmentally friendly technologies and chemistries to our customer base, producing us their business partners of choice.”

    d-shape house 3D printer for desmanera

    Antonino Italiano, Managing Director of Desamanera, comments, “ChemCognition provides us the faculty to expand our 3D technologies to the Americas, rapidly and efficiently defining market segments and applications for our innovation. Their focus on providing solutions to the marketplace through their expertise, proven track record and extensive network of contacts in the industry, as well as their technical expertise, manufacture ChemCognition the perfect partner. The agreement can incertain a advantageous belief of market requires and market focus and provide timely donate and distribution of our new technologies and product lines to meet the demands of a swift evolving marketplace. ChemCognition’s undertaking to provide sustainable new solutions to its customers, provides an excellent match to our market philosophy and approach.”

    After obtaining their initially phase of financing, Desamanera has built a team of experts in materials, marketing, and training, and relocated to an actually sizeabler facility. Soon, they may actually require to set up a North American headquarters, as I’m certain which there can be a excellent deal of interest in what has the future to be a game changing innovation.


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