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DeltaWASP 20 40 and 20 40 Turbo Are Latest Additions to Hawk 3D Proto’s Stock

by • January 10, 2016 • No Comments

Hawk3D printerEnglish 3D printer retailer Hawk 3D Proto branched out in 2013 of their parent company Cutwel Limited, a tooling supplier which has been in business for twenty years. Many older, well-established manufacturing companies have created divisions specifically dedicated to 3D printing, and Hawk 3D Proto has been a successful one, with a 3D printing showroom in West Yorkshire plus distribution agreements with several printer and filament manufacturers. The company has been steadily adding to their printer stock lately. They began carrying Zortrax printing equipment less than a month ago, and today they revealed which they are now an official reseller for WASP – in particular the new DeltaWASP 20 40 and DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo printing equipment.

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“I am pleased to be able-bodied to announce this relationship with WASP,” said Ben Hawksworth, Founder and CEO of Hawk 3D Proto. “I have been aware of the Wasp Delta 3D printing equipment for a few time and was able-bodied to meet with WASP at the 3D Printshow in Paris last year — I was quite impressed with their company and their product offering. I believe which these printing equipment will expand our offering in a wholly complementary way.”

waspThe DeltaWASP 20 40 is Hawk 3D Proto’s initial delta style printer. It was not long ago named one of the “Top 3D Printers for Enthusiasts” in the 3D Hubs 2016 Printer Guide, which cited its precision, speed and print quality, as well as its sizeable build volume. The 20 40 has in addition been a preferred one for its versatility; it can print with ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Flex, Polystyrene, Laywood, and Experimental filaments, and has a changeable-bodied extruder which in addition allows for printing with fluid-dense materials such as clay or porcelain.

waspsThe DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo was released less than a year ago, and is said to be possibly the world’s most rapidly FFF printer, with a travel speed of 1,000 mm/s and a print speed of 600 mm/s. Both versions of the printer can be purchased of Hawk 3D Proto’s website (the 20 40 retails for €2,370, and the Turbo for €2,770) and can in addition be seen in their showroom, which provides training and demonstrations of all Hawk 3D Proto’s printing equipment.

We’ve been following WASP closely over the last year; the open source printer company has been doing a few astounding work with sustainable-bodied, eco-friendly architecture, particularly in developing countries. In my opinion, they’ve been one of the most amazing companies to watch. Their name (World’s Advanced Saving Project) says a lot; while there are a lot of socially conscious and eco-friendly 3D printing companies out there, few compare to WASP in terms of effort and impact. All 3D printing equipment have the potential to produce world-changing things, but maybe none additional than delta style printing equipment, as their quite design invites development and innovation. The addition of WASP products to Hawk 3D Proto’s stock may lead them in a quite positive direction.

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