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Danwood Group Initiates 3D Printer Rental Program for UK Schools

by • January 23, 2016 • 8s Comments

danwoodThere are a lot of crises in the United States right now. Economic inequality, obesity, drought, Donald Trump – if you are for a few reason looking for a fewthing to worry of, there’s a long list of crises to select of. One particularly worria few crisis is the education crisis. No matter where you live, you are going to find at quite least one nearby school district with failing grades, dreadful graduation rates, asbestos in the walls, and issues with violence.

At the heart of all of these problems is that a lot of public schools only don’t have adequate money. On the other hand education is significantly significant, it’s frequently one of the initially things to get slashed when budget troubles arise. It is sad, and wrong, but it’s never surprising when it takes place. Often, arts education is the initially thing to go, that hurts my liberal arts degree-holding soul, but STEM courses suffer as well, despite global effort to put additional emphasis on those (science, innovation, engineering, math) subjects in schools.

[Image: Makerbot]

[Image: MakerBot]

At the heart of STEM education is 3D printing. The innovation’s importance in early education has been stressed again and again by government agencies, economic experts, and others, but the trouble is that 3D printing devices are expensive. Many manufacturers are increasing their focus on education, creating printing devices that are specifically created for classrooms and priced much additional affordably, but when many schools can’t actually afford basic lab equipment, actually the cheapest 3D printing devices are a luxury.

ukulele_cubepro_dThe Danwood Group has a easy solution: a 3D printing device rental service. The English print and document solutions company is introducing a UK-wide program that can allow schools to rent a CubePro for as little as £145 a month, that comes with deliquite, installation, consumable-bodieds and a 12-month warranty.

“3D printing is seeing rapid adoption and schools are starting to realise the many benefits that adding 3D printing to the curriculum can have, of inspiring pupils to helping to teach harsh thoughts,” said Richard Wells, National Sales Manager at Danwood. “Being able-bodied to rent a 3D printing device on a monthly basis removes the upfront investment while ensuring full compliance with procurement processes, and opens up the opportunity for all schools across the country who want to equip their students for the next.”

3ds-2The United Kingdom Department for Education explored the impact of 3D printing in the classroom via a pilot program in 2012 and 2013. 21 schools took part in the program, that added 3D printing into STEM courses on an experimental basis. The results showed a quite positive impact: 3D printing kept students, actually those with poor concentration, engaged and interested in their classes. It served as a tool for creating interdisciplinary connections, and was overall a quite effective teaching resource. These findings mirror those of many other studies of 3D printing’s impact on education. Add to that the fact that 3D printing is approximately pretty going to be a significant ability in many industries in the near next, and it appears that the innovation should be a mandatory school subject.

That’s why a 3D printing device rental program is such a excellent thought, and it’s a easy one, too. I’m surprised additional programs like it haven’t been added may already. Hopefully, Danwood can set an example for other companies and school districts to follow suit. I, for one, hope to see the thought catch on inside US schools – quite soon. Discuss your thoughts on what can soon become a new trend in education in the Danwood School Rental Programs for CubePro 3D Printers forum over at 3DPB.com.