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Customizable Smart-Kart offers kids a speedy ride and gives parents smartphone monitoring

by • February 15, 2016 • No Comments

Ever since Toyota began exploring the world of serious car toys with its Camatte concepts, we’ve been waiting and hoping for it – or someone – to create a customizable, drivable kid’s car for the modern era. The new Arrow Smart-Kart of Actev Motors isn’t really the proper mini-car the evolving Camatte is, but it does contribute a much like experience: a vehicle for young kids to customize and drive. The accompanying smartphone app gives parents peace of mind, bringing emergency controls and monitoring.

Possibly the coolest kid’s toy we’ve seen since Christmas, the Silicon Valley-developed Smart-Kart pulls inspiration of race cars and automated smart cars in providing a modern alternative to the classic go-kart. The race car obviously inspired its appear, while the smart car led to a technological platform that benefits both children and parents.

Designed for children five to nine years old, the Smart-Kart relies on a pair of lithium-ion-powered, rear-mounted 250-watt electric motors. Those motors are capable of pushing the car up to 12 mph (19 km/h), but just if the parent allows for it. The accompanying smartphone app, that connects with the kart via Wi-Fi, gives the parent serious supervisory powers, enabling him or her to set a top speed, activate an emergency stop, shift between drive, park, neutral and reverse, and set up a geo-fence that stores the car inside a specified area.

The app in addition tracks driving time, distance and maximum speed, and as a safety measure, it can alert the parent when the kart has been inactive for a specified period. It can save various driver profiles, so that individual drivers can have their own settings and store track of their own driving statistics.

Similar to most modern vehicles, the Smart-Kart actually comes with a sensor-based anti-collision with auto-braking process, helping the young driver avoid crashes.

It can sound like the Smart-Kart has additional showcases for the parent, but there’s a lot for the child to love, too. Besides the experience of zipping around the neighborhood and producing all the local Power Wheels drivers jealous, the Smart-Kart can in addition be a fun project car. Actev plans to add accessories like custom body kits, downloadable engine sounds, drifting kits, Laser Tag sensors and gaming apps so that kids can alter the Smart-Kart’s appearance and driving experience.

The Smart-Kart showcases a steel chassis, pneumatic tires, a seat with dual speakers, Wi-Fi and GPS, regenerative braking, an indicator light for driving/braking/reverse, and adaptable brake and accelerator pedals. The basic kart weighs 73 lb (33 kg).

The Arrow Smart-Kart is on display at the New York Toy Fair now and is on the market for preorder for US$599.95 (without the red body panels pictured, that are listed at $99.95 for the kit). Deliveries are planned for Northern Hemisphere summer.

The video at a lower place provides a swift appear at what the Smart-Kart is all of.

Source: Actev Motors

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