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Custom Medieval Inspired Armor: Soveriegn Armor from Lumecluster

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Earlier this year Melissa Ng of Lumecluster turn it intod
the Dreamer Regalia Armor for actress and cosplay extraordinaire Felicia Day. With assist of Shapeways, she turn it intod a attractive custom turn it intod
piece of fantasy themed wearable artwork. It may not come as a surprise but she’s been quite occupied since.

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways

Photographer: Eric Anderson

Model/actor: Marisha Ray

Ng not long ago announced her newest project, the Sovereign Armor. After the Dreamer Regalia armor Ng started to consider how she may take her turn it into to the upcoming level. When she launched it with Felicia and Shapeways, it sparked a lot of discussion around turn it into, craft, gender and the functionality of artwork. She came away with two new concepts to explore; initially to show the public which
3D printing is a craft which
requires complicated work and creativity, and 2nd to show which
in fact
decorative armor for women does not require
to follow the gender stereotypes of fantasy and video games.

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways Cosplay Elasto Plastic

Sanding the raw Elasto Plastic

In her blog Ng explains “A lot of individuals in addition
yet ponder
3D printing does all the work for you…it does not. Even so, there were debates on whether I in fact
had to do “real work” since I use 3D printing as part of my system
to turn it into intricate and complicated pieces. “

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways Spray Painting Cosplay

Spray painting the primed Elasto Plastic

To show the work which
went into this project, she outlines in more detail the total hours it took to turn it into her masterpiece: over 518 hours (not which include the time it took Shapeways to manufacture). As she did last project, she breaks down the steps it took and unquestionably demonstrates the care and artistic ability it took to conceive, turn it into and post system
the armor into its final form. Ng chose to print equitething in Elasto Plastic due to its extra
flexibility. After printing she polished and painted the armor, and so introduced fabric and LED lights.

Whilst exposing the craft and labor which
went into the armor, Ng started to question the implications of aesthetics and functionality of the work.

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways Cosplay Moving

Testing the motion of the historically based armor turn it into

“there yet appears to be an overwhelming understanding which
fantasy armor which
does not have actual breasts just “isn’t sexy,” “isn’t revealing off those feminine curves adequate
” or “does not assist individuals easily select which
she’s a woman.” I understand
this is just my opinion but how are the at a lower place images not badass??”

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways Cosplay Female

Inspirations for armor turn it into and concept

As someone who started pursuing fantasy art seriously just a few years ago, all these discussions got me wondering how I wanted to grow as an artist. Did I want to throw my interpretation into the mix to assist show which
a woman can appear just as attractive and sexy in practical appearing fantasy armor (which
in fact
covered her body)? Of course “

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways Cosplay Moving Helmet Mask

Putting on the mask of the finish custom armor

Melissa Ng was armed with a sense which
her upcoming project had to not just be attractive but consume a sense of meaning through functionality, which
the armor was intended for a warrior to defend herself and not just be visually pleasing for a male audiance. Ng started to research traditional armor manufacturing techniques and found an tremendous in the medieval craft: Ian LaSpina, a youtuber who goes by Knyght Errant. She contacted him and he agreed to be her armor consultant.

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways Cosplay

Comparing the Dreamer Regalia and Sovereign armors

Knyght Errant’s Youtube channel and website offers easily digestible content which
explores medieval history, armor, armor maintenance, and different types of
types of armor attire and undergarments. His channel and website are an incredible
source of inspiration and understand
ledge which
’s ideal
for the consume medieval armor beginner, cosplayer, costume manufacturer, and anyone interested in getting an intro to historical armor turn it into and growing their visual library.

Custom 3D Printed Medieval Armor Shapeways Cosplay LEDs

Testing the Gloves and LED lights for the armor

Ian was kind adequate
to review my turn it into progress equite step of the way through Sketchfab’s 3D viewer to encertain
I didn’t manufacture any impractical armor components which
can inhibit the wearer’s movement or…y’understand
…end up harming the wearer instead, haha (I’m appearing at you, dangerously spiky pauldrons!! :P )”

The results speak for themselves. Check out the video at a lower place, and manufacture certain
you dig into Melissa’s Blog of creating the armor here, and actress Marisha Ray’s photoshoot in the armor for her Geek and Sundry here.


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