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Custom-fitting 3D printed Phits Insoles win ISPO Health and Fitness Award – 3ders.org (blog)

by • January 21, 2016 • 11s Comments

Jan 22, 2016 | By Alec

Could 2016 in addition be the year for 3D printed sporting goods? This sector has been quite swift to respond to the concept of 3D printed custom-fitting products, as so most athletes may benefit of it. Belgian company Phits Insoles has just been honored with the initially prize in the Health and Fitness-themed competition of sporting goods giant ISPO for their 3D printed, custom fitting 3D printed insoles. This may again bring 3D printed sporting goods into the spotlights.
If you’ve nat any time heard of Phits Insoles preceding, that can be for the reason they not long ago changed their name of RS Print. But, their product is ideal just the way it is. If you’ve at any time requireed insoles to correct a few sort of walking problem, you can understand that finding the ideal fit is approximately not easy. Let alone finding a pair that can go on to do its job whether you walk, run, jump and so on. But that’s what Phits Insoles are. Made by 3D scanning your feet and 3D printed through Materialise’s high high end SLS 3D printing service, these are the foot solutions for the 21rst century. “We’re the initially in the world to bring a 3D printed translation of movement. That’s a big difference with the classical orthopedic approach. Because we work with just one material that is laser sintered, we can bring variations in material, that is not possible when working with other materials and traditional making methods,” Marketing Manager Tom Peeters explained of their work.

As the company not long ago explained, they partnered with Belgian 3D printing specialists Materialise to establish a solid base for their footwear. Based on gait analysis, their 3-maticSTL and Streamics Robot is utilized to instantly create custom insoles, but this process is one-of-a-kind in at very least one respect: orthopedic specialists can yet provide feedback in a user friendly manner to ensure that ideal fitting insoles are made. The final create is and so sent to the Materialise production facility through the company’s Streamics process, that automates 3D printing production as efficiently as possible. It is in addition possible to completely scale up production, giving Phits Insoles all the control they require.

This entire process, and the 3D printed insoles themselves, are especially astonishing when you hear that the company was just discovereded back in April 2014. As Peeters explained, they are in addition a bit shocked to have an award-winning product in their hands. “And it’s not a few obscure award handed out by an obscure organization at a fair held in a few shabby shed. None of that… our Phits insoles just won the ISPO Award and that feels quite great,” he says of the victory for their 3D printed insoles. ISPO, as you can understand, is one of the world’s top sporting goods networks and is based in Germost.

He additional announced that this award is the crowning achievement on a start-up enterprise that just discovered all the pieces falling into place with the assist of 3D printing. “Over the last few months, all the pieces started fitting together, product- and marketing-wise. By trial and error, RS Print 3D Printed Custom Orthotics became Phits™ Insoles,” he says. “And that this is just the beginning of a journey. Perhaps a journey that results in additional awards, who understands. Most pretty a journey that can be bumpy, cold, rainy and lonea few at a few stages—but with this team, anything goes. The key factor is not so much academic excellence, slick sales and marketing skills or high-end management strategies. It is of gut feeling, of passion, of clat any timeness.”
With this achievement in their pocket and the backing of pro athletes, of cyclists, marathon runners to participants the Belgian national football team, it’s clear that we haven’t heard the last of Phits.

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