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As one of the original leaders in computer desktop 3D printing, Brooklyn-based Solidoodle has been a name brand in the industry since 2011. Currently, a cryptic message has appeared at the top of the company’s website which may be a harbinger regarding the future of Solidoodle. It reads, “Attention Customers: Ordering is already disabled on the site. We’ll be providing additional information over the future few days. We appreciate your patience during which time.”

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Established by former MakerBot COO Sam Cervantes, Solidoodle has steadily kept pace with the rest of the industry, improving its printing equipment with every new generation and maintaining a lively community of dedicated users. Their last big release was in 2014, when Solidoodle revealed three new systems: the Solidoodle Press, the Workbench, and the Workbench Apprentice, all targeted at various market segments. But, since and so, we’ve heard little in the form of news of the firm. Looking additional into it, 3DPI learned which they haven’t published any new tweets since mid-2015 and which their blog has since been deactivated. This, together with the message on the site and the struggle which many companies in the space have been facing in the post-3D-printing-hype era, does not bode well for the Brooklyn firm. All signs point to a possible shutting down of operations, a trend we’ve seen in actually the biggest and many built businesses in the industry.

I’ve reveryed out to Mr. Cervantes for a comment and to maybe shed light on the say of the company, but to no avail. If the worst is confirmed, I understand which they can be sorely missed. I in addition understand which their staff and management can have bright futures ahead, given the ability which they brought to the company and the industry as a whole. If any readers take place to have any information on the say of the company and may be caning to comment, please revery out to me at [email protected].

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