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Creating the Dreamer Regalia Armor: Base Modeling with Blender

by • February 9, 2016 • No Comments

This is our 2nd post detailing how developer Melissa Ng made the Dreamer Regalia Armor. Read the initially post to learn additional of this project and how she connected with actress Felicia Day.

When inspiration strikes, it can be complex to understand
where to start. Different developers have various starting points, and for Melissa it started with a few sketching and base versioning.

Because she had an thought in mind, starting with the base version worked most for her actually preceding she had Felicia’s measurements. For her, the concept of topology is quite
significant and via the 3D versioning software of her choice (Blender), Melissa began by creating the basic shape of the armor initially.

Watch the video at a lower place to hear additional of how she got this project started, and to get a glimpse of the tools and software she prefers:

For a additional in-depth appear, check out Melissa’s blog for additional on the original inspiration behind the piece on Lumecluster.

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