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Create T.I.M.E and More: e-NABLE Introduces a New Series of Design Challenges

by • January 26, 2016 • No Comments

pythonThe creation of e-NABLE started with a steampunk convention. Ivan Owen created a functional metal hand as part of a costume, and posted a YouTube video online. A South African carpenter who had lost his fingers in a woodworking chance saw the video and contacted Owen – may he probably support him create a prosthetic that may allow him to use his hand again? The transcontinental collaboration led to what no one knew at the time may be the initially creation of e-NABLE, that has snowballed into a global community of over 7,000 manufacturers devoting their time to creating 3D printed prosthetic hands and arms for folks who require them.

One of the many excellent things of e-NABLE is that it continues to inspire collaboration. All creates are free and open source, major to devices that evolve as hundreds of folks manufacture improvements, alterations and suggestions. Jen Owen, Ivan’s wife and a central member of e-NABLE, ponders that the community can be challenged additional, and so has added an official series of create challenges. Create T.I.M.E. (Think. Just imagine. Make. E-NABLE.) can commence a new challenge each month, aimed at growing the range of devices and encouraging new ideas.


“Sometimes I get informative requests in my email inbox requesting support createing supportive devices for animals of all types or people who have other requires that may benefit of a community of creatively minded manufacturers caning to distribute their time to collaborate and come up with solutions for those in require,” Owen says.

python2The challenges are aimed at manufacturers and createers of all ages, but Owen ponders that they can particularly appeal to kids. Several schools and youth organizations have been via e-NABLE projects as a way to commence young folks to 3D printing and supplement STEM learning, and Owen believes that Create T.I.M.E. can “encourage young minds to ponder outside of the box.” Some challenges can involve the creation of entirely new devices, while others invite improvements to be created to existing creates.

The initially challenge asks members to create new attachments for the Python Utility Hand, a basic hand createed specifically so that utilitarian attachments may be easily connected.

“Many of our younger recipients have asked for task specific devices that they can just switch out as requireed and have given a few suggestions for attachments they may be many excited of to connect to the Python hand,” says Owen. “Some of the requests range of easy devices that can hold a fingernail polish paint brush to a fewthing that can support a child who wants to get a advantageous grip on a video game controller or who just wants to open a jar of pickles with ease!”

challenge-examplesembed (1)

Submissions for the initially challenge are being accepted starting in these days until March 31; winners can be revealed on April 16. The winning creates can be chosen by a panel of children and adults who are already via e-NABLE devices; if a create is selected, it can be printed and shipped to one of the users, who can test it out and post a video to the e-NABLE blog. Winners can obtain official medals, and top winners can be given a choice between a roll of filament of sponsor AxisLab or a $25 gift certificate to have a create of their choice printed and mailed to them.

Full contest rules and submission guidelines can be discovered here. Want to participate, but don’t have a 3D printing device? E-NABLE has several suggestions for places you can go to access a printing device. Businesses, if you are interested in sponsoring a create challenge, email jen.owen@enablingthefuture.org. Tell us your thoughts on this new way e-NABLE is bringing in the e-NABLE 3D Create T.I.M.E. Design Challenge forum over at 3DPB.com.