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Crafty Device Turns Any Smartphone into a 3D Printer – PSFK (blog)

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Idea transforms 3D printing into a mobile and effortless-to-accomplish exercise
Ido Lechner 29 march 2016Technology

As with any new innovation, the prototypes and early generations of complexware are frequently clunky and cumbera few. It is just through multiple iterations that we discover a quality-rich and seamlessly operating device, that is where we are beginning to find ourselves now with 3D printing innovation. As 3D printing transitions of high grade laboratories to consumer’s households yet, we may find that the way we envisioned the innovation during inception is not how it’s going to emerge.
Olo is one such company redefining the way we perceive this tech, via the device we all have in our pockets to explore new capabilities. In the same way that the Google Cardboard reimagined the next of our smartphones, Olo wants to use our phones to 3D print new and amazing structures. From the company’s Kickstarter campaign:
OLO’s innovation is effortless yet brilliant for the reason half of its complexware is may already in your pocket, building it effortless for anyone to print in 3D… We have been complex at work for two years perfecting the case, reinventing mechanics, reengineering micro-chips, and discovering a completely new line of materials called Daylight Resins. The final outcome is a attractive and transportable create that is effortless to use at a fraction of the cost of any other 3D printing device on the market.
Olo is capable of working with virtually any smartphone (whether you are an Apple fanboy/girl or Android diecomplex). The device itself is compatible with a breadth of applications (again, iOS or Android) and allows for you to nominate of a library of pre-registered creates or scan your own, if whatever platform you are via empowers you to do so. You can nominate creates of the web and share your own on social media.
Olo works by placing the shell above your smartphone, pouring in the Daylight Resin in a color of your choice, popping on the lid atop the shell and letting your create ‘cook’ for a little while. If you can imagine an object rising like bread in an oven out of the screen of your phone, that is fundamentally what’s going on within Olo.
Available for preorder for less than $100 USD, every order is packaged with a variety of resins that come in various colors and can complete various impacts. Whilst a few are flexible and maybe actually elastic, others are rigid and solid. You can in addition complete various finishes with the resins, such as glossy, shiny or matte.
Whether you are a jeweler, engineer, architect, student, teveryer, creator, tech lover or so forth, Olo is a truly one-of-a-kind and next forward product that can contribute a fewthing for everyone. As a discreet, noiseless machine, you can use it in a library or grab a specially-crafted neoprene shock-proof case to take on your travels.

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