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Craft An Awesome Weapon: Download & 3D Print Your Own AK-47 from Rust

by • March 8, 2016 • No Comments

Rust_videogame_logoIt is dog eat dog in the world of Rust. Playing to survive, you start with virtually nothing and have to go on what you find, manufacture, or steal. The greatest threat is, truly, other individuals in the game, operating out of desperation and fear and attempting only as complex as your character is to survive. Having a weapon, and especially a machine gun, is a massive asset in this game—so it’s no surprise that avid Rust aficionados like Pavel Konstantinov of MyMiniFactory and 3D artist Sergey Kolesnik wanted to bring one into the real world—and highly appropriate that they too, should endeavor to manufacture one, as the crafting of one’s own weapons is pretty a focus inside the game.

“This gun is in the game now and we all understand it is one of the iconic guns in Rust. So as long as I work in 3D Printing industry, my initially dream immediately became to print, assemble and paint this awe-inspiring gun, obviously,” said Pavel, who has logged in over 1,000 hours playing Rust on the Steam platform.

UntitledThe AK-47 is a 3D printed, hand-painted, non-working replica and one may expect is the envy of most who walk in the treacherous realm of Rust. Both were inspired by Craig Pearson, a member of the thriving Rust community, and Pavel explained to him how the inspiration for the Rust AK-47 came of:

“I enjoyed your concepts on Trello, and this was the one I was dreaming of seeing in real life. It happened to be that I joined the 3D printing industry and this is where I accomplished I may organize a thing like this. I told Sergey of it, he was inspired by your concepts and decided to manufacture a present for the whole Rust community.”

“The guy does things like this to sell, but he was inspired a lot by the Rust AK47 and created it [the files] for free for the Rust community. This is truly awe-inspiring to get such a high end work for free for everyone.”

With 21 parts, it’s not surprising to hear that the overall 3D printing time was around 40 hours. Afterward, painting (that is really absorbing to watch in the video below) consumed another eight to nine hours—and that’s timing for someone with a great amount of experience. Pavel was responsible for the printing of the files at MyMiniFactory and the painting, after Sergey had done his part in creating and uploading the files.

“What we did here at MyMiniFactory was 3D print it, assemble it, and Sarah Wade hand-painted it to manufacture it physical. The file is free and tested for printing now, so any enthusiast may print it at home or find someone to print it (though it may require finishing, building and painting).”

As Pavel says, he is a ‘huuuuuge fan’ of Rust. And as he put word out on social media that he was planning to work with Sergey on manufacturing the AK-47, assist was tremendous. Comments varied of saying that they wanted to ‘throw money’ at the project to those who had most suggestions for the create, as well as inquiries. He alerted everyone that indeed the project was underway, and actually created posts as it had been finished and he was working on painting it. Enthusiasm was astounding, and the thought was contagious adequate that others were questioning how they may manufacture one, and wondering if their own 3D printing equipment may handle the job. All of the files are on the market for free download at MyMiniFactory.

commhdr1Pavel has indicated that next this project, Sergey is interested in creating Salvaged Axe (a valued and costly tool in the game utilized for wood gathering) for the Rust community. Needless to say, the 3D printed AK-47 was a big hit, and it’s not a stretch to ponder that whatever they manufacture of here, relevant to Rust—and beyond—is going to garner worthwhile attention.

Rust is a PC-based videogame that was released in December of 2013. Made by Facepunch Studios, Rust has attained most positive accolades, selling over three million copies. Are you a fan, and if so, what do you ponder of this weapon? Discuss in the 3D Printed Rust AK-47 forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: PlayRust]