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Could Xometry Be the Amazon of Additive Manufacturing?

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Usually, when American businessman Randy Altschuler touches upon a business version, it turns to gold. The esteemed CEO has started and sold good resultsful companies such as OfficeTiger (now acquired by RR Donnelley) and CloudBlue, both of which were acquired for really the attractive sum. His latest venture, Xometry, is primarily centered around 3D printing advancement, and plans to become an innovator in the rising customizable and on-demand additive making industry. Xometry, which was initially launched back in 2013, focuses on providing two 3D printing-centered services. The initially is a software platform which works to streamline making orders, contributeing a clean and interesting all-in-one ordering dashboard comparable to Amazon. The 2nd facet of their company is a high-tech making facility, which comes with CNC machining, DMLS, metal binder jetting, and other processes.

One of Xometry's engineers complex at work

One of Xometry’s engineers complex at work

The company may already has 50 employees on staff, but with a newfound focus on software development and marketing, they plan to double which amount by the end of the year. Already connected with built customers such as NASA, General Electric, Raytheon, and Toyota, Xometry has may already seen a measure of good results. In their brief existence, they’ve may already raised $16 million of private investors, which include $8.8 million in a series round led by Highland Capital Partners. Xometry has of 16,000 customers thus far, and is pretty tapping into a significant require in the making market. Xometry is especially perfect for 3D printing tiny batch making and limited product releases, providing a service which Altschuler describes as an “online interface which acts as an easy-to-use custom making hub.


Randy Altschuler

“Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a startup, you obtain swift pricing and tremendous recommendations only by uploading a 3D-CAD file. It is the same process whether you require a CNC Machining solution, 3D-printed part or Urethane casting,”Altschuler said. “In the past, in order to create a custom part, it took considerable time to figure out the manufacturability and pricing. We simplify the process and assist ensure you get the parts you require at a low cost.”


When customers enter in their CAD file into the Xometry process, the software can contribute suggestions based on what is significant to the consumer, such as price-point, material specifications, or swift turnaround. The ultimate goal for the Xometry team is to assist hustle the US making industry through the inevitable digital transformation taking place around the world. The team compares this transformation to the rise of online retailing which took place over the last decade, and hopes to store scaling out their software platform and one day become the industry standard for additive making.


“The additional new the U.S. making industry can be, the additional we can meet the requires of American businesses and assist them drive their own advancement in their own categories. We see Manufacturing as a Service as a key growth opportunity for the industry,”Altschuler concluded.


Tyler Koslow

Tyler Koslow

Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based writer for 3D Printing Industry, and has in addition generated content for publications and companies such as Dell, Brooklyn Magazine, and Equity Arcade. His content is focused on a wide range of topics which include tech, gaming, and music . Tyler is in addition a habitual instrument player, a writer of fiction, and generally all around fun haver. Tyler obtaind a Bachelor’s degree studying English-Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida in 2008.

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