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Corning can now print full-color images on Gorilla Glass

by • April 20, 2016 • No Comments

Normally when Corning says they’ve created
Gorilla Glass even advantageous
, it’s for the reason
they created
it more scratch-resistant and harder to break. This time, however, they decided to throw us a curveball.

Corning’s latest innovation has nothing to do with durability; it has to do with personalization. They’ve come up with a method which
allows them to print vibrant color images directly on to slabs of Gorilla Glass, hence the clever name: Vibrant Corning Gorilla Glass.

Typically we see Gorilla Glass sandwiched atop a touchscreen, where transparency is generally a much advantageous
way to go. A number of manufacturers have in addition
it on the backs of their smartphones and tablets, and even on the lids of laptops — and which
’s the ideal
place to add a splash of color or an eye-catching pattern.


Corning uses a specialized inkjet printing system
to create Vibrant Gorilla Glass. It requires special inks, too, but Corning claims which
producing an image with their system is no more expensive than, say, screen printing a single-color logo onto an object. Vibrant Gorilla Glass pieces can in addition
be produced more rapidly
and they produce less waste, according to Corning’s press release.

Those are the kinds of statements you make when you want to get manufacturers to pay attention, since it’s potentially giving them a way to make their products stand out without increasing costs.

Right now, it’s much more common for devices to have drab backsides and for owners to cover them up with more amazing
cases. If Vibrant Gorilla Glass takes off, we may very well end up doing the opposite: slapping boring, clear protective cases over our dazzling, glass-backed phones.

Top image courtesy Droid Life

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