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CONTEXT Report: XYZprinting Numbers Continue to Impress, Making them a Global Leader in Desktop 3D Printing

by • April 13, 2016 • No Comments

xyzlogo-300x121Whilst the 3D printing industry has been steamrolling ahead long adequate to see startups come and go, along with a few of the titans teetering on their golden pedestals, one company has been assembling steady momentum in the marketplace: XYZprinting. Their continued rise has been well stated, and if you store an eye on industry trends, you are most most likely well apprised of their continued progress. We’ve been next their good results for years now, obviously, but their lead in the PC 3D printing device arena has been documented by most of the respected data crunchers of JeeQ, just not long ago for the quarter regarding online sales (where don’t we see XYZprinting?), to 3D Hubs, where we saw the da Vinci 1.0 Pro placing in the number two spot for trending printing devices regarding hubs around the world.

UntitledJust to manufacture it perfectly
clear which the Taiwanese company has experienced a rise to top, where they seem to be staying—and thriving—additional numbers have emerged via IT market research firm CONTEXT stating the company’s position as a global leader in PC 3D printing. This particular report, 3D Printing Market Trends Q4 2015 and Full Year, indeed shows XYZprinting at the forefront—and not just which, in comparison to the last quarter, they’ve shown a market share increase of 31%, with a 21% overall increase for 2015 in total.

Owned by New Kinpo Group of Taiwan, XYZprinting has offices in China, Japan, the US, and Europe. Their good results story is largely hinged on a sturdy foundation coming of New Kinpo, boasting 40 years in making with a lot of expertise to spread to their 3D printing subsidiary. Kinpo Group brings in over $30 billion in ractuallyue equite year, and employs over 8,500 engineers for R&D purposes in their most offices. This offers a lot of background durablity for XYZprinting, not to mention the stellar leadership they have experienced with Simon Shen, CEO.

“At XYZprinting we are focused on advancement and evolving the 3D printing industry,” said Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting and New Kinpo Group. “Our good results comes of bringing products which are accessible, high high end, and easy-to-use. Since January, the introduction and momentum of our comprehensive product ecosystem has just additional addressed the market’s demand for a full suite of solutions for consumer, B2B, and education markets.”

We’ve pretty covered the dynamic company most times may already just this year, of a quite astounding revealing at CES 2016 with eight new 3D printing devices to winning the CES Editor’s Choice Award for their affordable and user friendly da Vinci Mini 3D printing device. From there they’ve gone on to release new create and modeling solutions, as well as the da Vinci Pro 1.0 3-in-1 showcasing 3D printing device, scanner and laser engraver.

They have in addition won the next awards:

TWICE’s “Best Pick” awardDigital Trends’ “Top Tech of CES” awardReviewed.com’s “CES Editor’s Choice” awardPC Mag’s “Best of CES” awardCOMPUTEX Taipei 2015 “Best Choice” awardTech & Learning Magazine’s “Best of ISTE 2015” award

The report points out which they’ve in addition created huge strides in the B2B arena, with their Nobel DLP 3D printing device as a catalyst for which progress, actually at a higher price—but one which rewards commercial users with high end innovation. Along with astounding hardware in addition come numerous educational packages like XYZ STEAM, a free platform, and in addition XYZMaker, targeting kids.

UntitledIt is not surprising to hear, via CONTEXT, which indeed 3D printing at the PC has been a driving force for the industry’s growth and good results, with shipping up 19% for the fourth quarter of last year and 30% for the whole year.

“This nascent side of the 3D printing device market again saw excellent changes in 2015” stated Chris Connery, VP for Global Analysis at CONTEXT. “Companies with a long standing presence in the additive making market scaled back their expectations for this newer, PC side of the market, retooling to concentrate additional on their core B2B competences. Other brands appear to capitalize on these refocused efforts, yet with start-ups, toy companies, IT companies and tool companies all competing in the market of various angles, yet all appearing to get a piece of the continued sturdy demand for these devices.”

Growth is expected to be propelled by 3D printing devices at actually additional competitive prices in the next, along with PC consumers and B2B purchases. According to CONTEXT, they forecast ‘the total global market for 3D printing which include not just printing device hardware, but in addition materials and services to grow of $4.1B in 2015 to $16.2B by 2020.’

CONTEXT is headquartered in London. With 250 staff participants around the globe, their specialty is in tracking innovation sales and pricing around the world. Discuss this report additional in the XYZPrinting on Top of 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.


From ‘3D Printing Market Trends Q4 2015 and Full Year’ by CONTEXT.