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Confessions of a Compulsive DIY-er: Falling Down Rabbit Holes in Search of Inspiration

by • March 15, 2016 • No Comments

I admit it. I’m a compulsive DIY-er, guilty of looking at anything and all things and considering
, “I may manufacture that
!” Hunting for my future DIY project is one of my favourite ways to spend a little free time and scrolling through social media can donate me additional than adequate
ideas for weeks.

So it’s no surprise that
my newest discovery spot is my Shapeways feed of everyone I’m next. Every day I login to discover new products our community has created, conceived, or created
. Even advantageous? Every time I get notified of a new follower I fall down a new rabbit hole of discovery, easily spending an hour clicking through their products and the products of the individuals they like and follow.

I’ve discovered the radest things on Shapeways this way, like:

Cool products discovered on Shapeways

Given my love of discovery, I’d get frustrated when a co-worker like Mitchell may mention a few rad new train product he’d posted to his shop and I may excitedly go search for Mitchell on the site and find…nothing. Because Mitchell didn’t go by Mitchell. He went by Jettuh. How the heck was I supposed to understand
THAT?! It felt like I needed to 3D print a secret decoder ring of usernames to get into the club. Why mayn’t I just find him by name?

Which is why I’m excited that
starting in these days, March 16, 2016, I CAN find Mitchell just by searching the site for Mitchell, building it actually simpler for DIYers like me to find all the rad things individuals are creating on Shapeways and to fall down new rabbit holes of discovery.

Happy Making!

Rebecca Fretty (My full day to day

P.S. I understand
searching by name is not for everyone, that is why we’ve created
it effortless to opt out and to store your information private. Just click the “opt out” box in your profile page to store your name out of public search.

Featured image: White Rabbit wall decoration by SmartDesign

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