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Complete Supplier List for 3D Printer Filament

by • April 16, 2015 • 94s Comments


I never realized how many different companies produced filament for 3d printers. There are literally hundreds fdm filament providers out there. With all the competition you would think that prices would come down. I was reading somewhere that it only costs about $2-$3 in raw material plastic pellets to create a one gram spool of filament. Sure there are fixed costs, but these should easily be able to get diluted down as production heats up. Here is a list of all the known filament suppliers out there. Most provide both PLA and ABS:


I found that most of those suppliers are just selling rebadged cheap filament from China (Aliexpress / Alibaba). This is the case with a lot of products, but it’s really disappointing when these resellers are claiming to have produced their signature “premium” filament, which turns out is the same $12/kg stuff I can pick up myself from Ali…

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