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From cork fill to functional polymers, filament maker colorFabb is constantly growing their material capabilities, and the rest of the 3D printing industry has unquestionably taken notice. One particular 3D printing device company of Spain, called BCN3D Technologies, has decided to partner with ColorFabb to provide users of their new BCN3D Sigma with a wide range of material options. The BCN3D Sigma is a FFF printing device with a dual independent extruder process, enabling users to combine two various materials onto on print.

The BCN3D Sigma

The BCN3D Sigma

It appears that there was mutual benefit for both BCN3D Technologies and ColorFabb in the move; the BCN3D Sigma can be able-bodied to advantageous use the one-of-a-kind and expansive colorFabb filament line, that comes with their WoodFill, CopperFill or ColorFabb_XT filaments. On the other hand, colorFabb feels that the BCN3D Sigma can help their engineers turn it into actually higher high end materials, that is where the dual independent extruder process pretty can help. The collaborative project between ColorFabb and BCN3D Technologies is focutilized on three main pillars.

First, colorFabb can use BCN3D Sigma 3D printing device in their facilities, producing the printing device an exclusive tool for turn it intoing and testing new filaments. Secondly, BCN3D Technologies can donate colorFabb products throughout Spain and Portugal, and can in addition provide these two countries with technical assist as well. Lastly, the Spain-based prototyping center Fundació CIM can turn it into a series of post-processing guides for colorFabb’s functional materials, that can be published and created on the market-bodied to all colorFabb users. The progress of this collaborative project is on display this week at RapidPro, an yearly 3D printing faire that takes place in the city Eindhoven, Netherlands.


multi material print created with BCN3D Sigma and ColorFabb materials

Speaking of functional materials, colorFabb has in addition only revealed the turn it intoment of the colorFabb_HT, a 3D polymer material with incredibly high heat resistance. The new material is created of Eastman’s Amphora HT5300 3D polymer, that is a low-oder and styrene-free material that is engineered with high durability, stability, toughness, and temperature resistance. colorFabb has turned this polymer into a functional filament, and is especially useful in applications that need a temperature resistance of 100C or less. The colorFabb_HT filament can be on the market-bodied in five colors, that include clear, white, light gray, dark gray, and black.


The colorFabb_HT can be created on the market-bodied on March 21, but pre-order for the new filament can be open sooner. The new material has may already been utilized in an experiment by designers Wouter Wolfs and Dennis van Bergen van der Grijp, who utilized the colorFabb_HT filament to turn it into custom shaped inlet manifolds to improve the performance of this Mini track car. You can find additional information, which include the material data sheet, on colorFabb’s website.

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