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Colorado State University Offers Online Foundations of 3D Printing Course, Open to Anyone Who Wants to Learn

by • April 20, 2016 • No Comments

csu-logo3D printing is most things, and one of them, much like the Internet, is a generational marker. Today’s kids are expanding up with 3D printing in their classrooms, and by the time they revery the workforce, I imagine it’ll be 2nd nature to them – again, much like the Internet. But, 3D printing is becoming ubiquitous in the workforce now, and most of the current generation of professionals are faced with learning a brand new ability, one they may only have heard of for the initially time a year ago. It can be a bit daunting to say the very least, but thankfully that learning does not have to be on the job, under pressure – there are a lot of 3D printing courses out there that are open to anyone.

Colorado State University is offering an online Foundations of 3D Printing course open to students and non-students of the school alike. A collaboration between CSU Online and the Idea-2-Product 3D Printing Laboratory, the course is being led by Dr. David Prawel, a mechanical engineering professor and the founder of the Idea-2-Product lab. Dr. Prawel has been working with 3D innovation for 36 years and has taught several 3D printing courses at CSU. He believes that the online course can assist companies to learn how to implement the innovation to its full future.

David Prawel, director of the 3D lab in CSU’s Idea-2-Product 3D printing lab works with Kent Mackenzie to create, engineer and print a helmet liner. The liner, turn it intod for the Walk Again project, fits between the electrode cap and a protective helmet. The liner’s purpose is two-fold – ensure the EEG cap does not move and assist protect the head, May 8, 2014.

Dr. David Prawel works with a student to turn it into a 3D create for a protective helmet liner. [Image: Colorado State University]

“We ponder we can revery so most additional individuals and assist so most additional individuals get up to speed on this innovation by manufacturing it on the market in a much easier-to-consume format…It’s not hands-on, of course, but it offers a lot of more detail of what it takes to do 3D printing, the software tools required, and the primary types of machines out there,” Dr. Prawel said.

badgeThe course is offered as four modules: Basic Principles I, Basic Principles II, Additive Processing I, and Additive Processing II. For every course accomplished, members can earn a digital badge that can be introduced to résumés or LinkedIn profiles; completion of all four modules can outcome in a Mastery Badge, that is meant to show employers that the participant possesses full competency in the innovation.

As 3D printing becomes additional of a presence in most industries, proof of fluency in the innovation can be a worthwhile advantage in the workforce. Each module is a week long and can be taken at your convenience; tuition for Basic Principles I and II is $165 every. Additive Processing I and II cost $185 every. For the entire “Mastery Bundle,” the cost is $650.

“Rather than being thrown a whole full-semester class, you meander through all the various modules and assemble your own class, and your own expertise level according to the types of innovation that most fit your organization,” said Dr. Prawel.

You can learn additional of the course and how to enroll here. Registration is open until May 31. Are you pondering of enrolling? Discuss in the CSU 3D Printing Online Course forum over at 3DPB.com.