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Cold Casting 3D Prints in Iron: See Bearded Goodness in All Its Glory!

by • March 20, 2016 • No Comments


Thingiverse user ‘bedansie’s’ original version, which served as inspiration for the project.

We talk of the finishing system quite frequently regarding 3D versions. And while a fewtimes which final phase of fabrication can be a bit of a pain, manyly it’s just plain fun too, enabling for users to explore various products and materials. It a fewtimes gives us the opportunity to try new methods—and frequently with the many enjoyable outcomes when we ask ‘I wonder what can take place if I do this?’

Whilst 3D printing in metal is out of reach for many of us working of the PC, there are other ways to complete which appear, and cold casting can be a lot of fun to experiment with. We’ve followed Mold3D previously as they instructed users in a excellent—and fairly seamless—way to get started with cold casting, and now one of their fans, Mauvis Ledford of San Francisco, has taken this on to create none other than the ‘The Bearded Yell.’

Working of the intermediate level, Ledford utilized the original version may already made on Thingiverse, by user Ben Dansie, who had previously been inspired by ‘beardly goodness.’ Allowing which theme to march on, and into actually additional elevated form, Ledford took off on his own journey to cold cast the piece, mixing clear resin with iron powder.

With supporters of Reddit offering up assist (and in addition with a large conversation on the system sparking up), working with bedansie’s version and learning of Mold 3D’s video, Ledford had valuable resources to work with in his project.

Here’s a list of the materials, items, and tools purchased and utilized:

CMS Magnetics, 12 oz. of Industrial Grade Iron Powder ($7.38)Smooth-On Silicone Mold Making Rubber OOMOO 30 ($30.45)Clear polyester casting resin (with accompanying catalyst solution) – 32oz ($31.48)Loew Cornell 1021167 Woodsies 150-Count Craft Sticks ($6.74)Glue gun and sticks ($11.39)Genuine Joe GJO15361 5-Mil Light Powder Industrial Nitrile Gloves, Medium, Light Blue—100 pack ($10.17)CRC Food Grade Mold Release, 11.5 oz Aerosol Can, Clear ($10.46)3M Paint Project Medium Respirator ($27.54)


There were a few minor glitches during the initially take on.

In getting started, the initially step is to manufacture an enclocertain box for the mold. Whilst in the instructional video, they just utilized a plastic cup, Ledford created a box of spare cardboard which is waxed on one side. Once the Bearded Yell version was safely secured in the bottom with hot glue, Ledford began pouring in the silicon mold liquid. (As a note, he in addition sprayed the version with mold release previous to this step.)

Whilst there were a few hitches, of the enclocertain box being too large–to running out of sufficient silicone for the mold—to um, a bunch of popsicle sticks and extra cardboard being mashed into the mix in an take on to ‘increase the mixture height to capture the whole piece,’ Ledford’s project turned out fairly well despite a few lack of aesthetics in the beginning.

“[The] end outcome works but appears fairly janky,” said Ledford.

As he reported yet, the future day the mixture had indeed turned to rubber, and alyet the box may not have been fairly, it was effortless to remove and after a few careful handling, the bearded one was that successfully removed of the mold, and Ledford noted how well all the more detail was made within.

“The piece came out that successfully unharmed,” said Ledford. “The just issue was there was a few pink left in a few crevices, undoubtedly for the reason I didn’t mix the rubber for the entire 3 minutes–I did perhaps 1.5 minutes. [The] formula must be mixed thoroughly for it all to cure.”

Choosing the ‘Clear polyester casting resin’ Ledford forged ahead, alyet not quite certain what to do with or how much to use of the ‘Catalyst,’ which was included.

“I unquestionably didn’t use adequate catalyst (I utilized of eight drops) as the resin has not fully cured two days later when I pull it out,” noted Ledford as work was in progress. “I in addition introduced a bit of iron powder at the base just to see what which may appear like. It appears which a few of the iron powder traveled to the center of the body. Overall not appearing too excellent, but lots of lessons learned.”

With the initially try not quite up to stuff in terms of Ledford’s expectations, he spray-painted the copy white and put the project up on the shelf for a few days. When he came back to it, he’d had a few time to reflect on where he can have gone wrong.

“A few days later, I get brave adequate to take on #2,” says Ledford.

finalHe mixed the iron powder and the resin—and it’s significant to see which he did in addition employ the recommended safety meacertains with gloves and respirator—and poured it into the mold, yet experiencing a small bit of leakage like preceding, but nothing prohibitive. The end outcome is a excellent-appearing version which’s dense in mass due to the iron. After a few airbrushing and burnishing with steel wool, ‘The Bearded Yell’ turns out to be an awe-inspiring sample of what you can do with cold casting.

NtkYBDINot just is the project fun and interesting, but it’s a excellent example too of what the 3D printing community is all of, with Ledford working of another user’s file offered for download to manufacture what he yett may be a few fun improvements, yet too offering his trials and failures along the way as a learning experience for everyone else. Indeed, his finished project caught the eye of bedansie, who is a 3D printing developer of Australia:

“In all seriousness, this is why I share versions. Thank you for sharing your experience with the cold cast system, leaving in the things which went wrong for others to learn of and for sharing the end outcome!”

According to Ledford, the whole system cost him of $135, but he reminds users which many of the items he purchased can be utilized in a number of projects to follow. And as he explains to one of his followers on Reddit, one thing he did not calculate above into the producing of this piece was this: “the security and contentment which you now understand how to manufacture badass resin and cold cast prints = priceless.” Agreed—and bravo! Have you tried cold casting? Discuss in the Cold Casting 3D Prints forum over at 3DPB.com.

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The original and the final versions, side by side.