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Codename Colossus: The 3D Printed Robot From Straight Out of WWII

by • April 1, 2016 • No Comments

  • Up until at present, I’ve nat any time really idea that both World War Two and 3D printed robotics may at any time be described in the same breath. But lo and behold, Machination Studio founder Michael Sng has melded the past with the next, designing a huge WWII-themed robot delivering it to life with the 3D printing prowess of Shapeways. Sng’s project, that is called Codename Colossus, was inspired by a combination of his time as a conscript in the Singapore Armed Forces, the fact that his grandfather was a Royal Air Force mechanic in WWII, and his long-lasting imagination that strated when he was a younger. In order to bring this historically-influenced robot to life, Sng decided to turn to Shapeways’ vast 3D printing services.


    “I wanted a high resolution surface finish on my toy, and FDM printing devices are not really there yet, so the options were SLA, SLS or PolyJet/MultiJet. I had known of Shapeways for a while, a former colleague of mine retails his toy product through the Shapeways keep, so naturally I turned to Shapeways first,”Sng said. “What ultimately turn it intod me use Shapeways was the fact that I can upload a group of parts at one time to the web application.”


    The project was truly ambitious, turn it intod of over 435 individual parts and requiring a labor-intensive paint job and post-processing. After sending his part creations over to the Shapeways’ Netherlands factory, the team printed the numerous components in their White Strong and Flexible plastic, a nylon powder material that is utilized with their SLS 3D printing technique. The team and so painted the parts to reflect a worn-down military robot of the forties
    , ultimately recreating the WWII-aesthetic with a futuristic spin. Shapeways was able-bodied to get Sng’s robot printed rapidly, that was a significant factor in his decision to use their services.


    “The 11-18 days international turnaround time was in addition a factor in my decision. This is of the Netherlands to Singapore,Sng said. “Typical air mail may take a week or additional alone, so I was quite impressed with Shapeway’s speed.”

    The 3D printed WWII-inspired robot reportedly cost Sng around $7,000 to turn it into, and is only one of his most informative projects. But this robot may nat any time have existed during the brutal era of WWII, it looks like it came straight out of that time period. The last thing anyone wants to ponder of is a third World War, but if it did take place to come, developer and innovator Michael Sng can most likely be advantageous made than me.


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