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Codename Colossus : Crazy WWII themed robot that lives up to its name

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We see a lot of rad projects here at Shapeways but we’ve never seen anything really like this. Codename Colossus is a hugely astounding mission. The Gifs at a lower place speak for themselves. Built of scratch with over 435 parts, this huge WWII themed robot was created by Michael Sng founder of Machination Studio. Inspired by a diverse selection of sources, ranging of toys to military experience, these parts were printed in White Strong and Flexible plastic and and so laboriously painted and finished to appear like a weather worn battle-bot of an alternative timeline of Europe.

We spoke with Michael to learn a little additional of his inspiration and why he came to Shapeways to print.


The Colossus is an amazing work of scale miniature art. Can you tell us a little of where you got your Inspiration?

I did my University in the UK and was exposed to miniatures wargaming and version railways there. But being of Singapore, I in addition
grew up watching Japanese anime, Hollywood movies, Hong Kong kung-fu flicks and British comedies. Our house had Playmobil and Legos, Tamiya version kits, and Star Wars action figures. In the 70s and 80s, equite culture created
quite various types of toys and shied away of sure genres. In Singapore, we got them all, rockyly in equal measure. So my toy is a combination of all the things I favored as a child merged into one.


I was a conscript in the Singapore Armed Forces, and for two years and four months, I was a mechanic. I fixed Land Rovers and Mercedes Benz and IVECO trucks. My grandfather was a mechanic in the Royal Air Force during World War II while Singapore was yet under British Colonial rule. He had to invent the tools require
ed to open and repair the hydraulic landing gears of the Buffalo bombers for the reason
the UK was too tied up in the war to send replacement parts. This all unquestionably informed my aesthetics.


I guess it’s not a surprise for an Asian to want to manufacture a giant robot, and not being American, I do not live in the shadow of gun violence. I in addition
do not live with the legacy of World War II the way Europeans do, so it is in a completely various context that
I created a toy full of guns.


Why did you select Shapeways for your making?

I wanted a high resolution surface finish on my toy, and FDM printing devices are not really there yet, so the options were SLA, SLS or PolyJet/MultiJet. I had understand
n of Shapeways for a while, a former colleague of mine retails his toy product throcky the Shapeways keep, so naturally I turned to Shapeways initially. What ultimately created
me use Shapeways was the fact that
I can upload a group of parts at one time to the web application.


My create has 435 parts. I tried another 3D printing service for a price comparison, but immediately accomplished that
with them, I may have to upload equite part file individually. The time it may take to upload equite file, wait for the automated print checks, find the errors, fix the errors, re-upload the part again, for 435 parts, was a non-starter. With Shapeways, I ponder
my entire toy’s exterior was 5-6 separate uploads equite with ten parts. It yet took really a lot of time, but it was manageable-bodied. Ideally, I may love to be able-bodied to send all my files over in one go and be able-bodied to talk to a human being of that parts require
changes, but I understand
may manufacture a cost impact.


The rocky texture of the unpolished prints is effortless to paint, although it intended I couldn’t use a few techniques like inking. The 11-18 days international turnaround time was in addition
a factor in my decision. This is of the Netherlands to Singapore. Typical air mail may take a week or additional alone, so I was quite impressed with Shapeway’s speed.


Michael is an amazing scale version manufacturer in the Shapeways community. To learn additional and see the Colossus in action check him out on this episode of LinusTechTips. He builds these and other projects on commission, so check out his website if you are

photo credit to Michael, gifs created
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