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Cleveland Law Firm Benesch is Hosting Its Second Annual 3D Printing Conference on April 21st, Focusing on 3D Printing Legal Issues

by • April 12, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_Benesch_conf_logoWhilst the actual innovation may have been devised over two decades ago, 3D printing has just now begined to become a leading industrial making system. Even now which it is quickly becoming a regular part of our day to day lives, 3D printing is yet a quite new, emergent innovation in a lot of ways. In terms of legality, the 3D printing industry is fundamentally the wild west, there are quite few laws and regulations in place and those laws which are applied to the industry rarely do what they’re supposed to do. If anything can be defining 3D printing in the following few years while the industry continues to expand, it is how the law can treat the industry and the different types of legal fights yet to be fought.

A Cleveland-based law firm named Benesch is one of the few law firms which is stepping out into the expanding fray of 3D printing legality and attempting to figure out how current laws can be applied to copyrights and trademarks. The law firm in fact has a 3D Printing Group which has been examining legal issues related to 3D printing for a few years now. They are asking the tough inquiries of 3D printing innovation which no one else appears to be asking.

As part of their efforts to educate their clients, as well as any next clients, of the next pitfalls of 3D printing innovation, Benesch is holding their 2nd yearly 3D Printing Conference. The event is called “What Equite Business Must Know Currently About 3D Printing” and can be held on April 21st at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cleveland. Whilst the event is free to attend, attendees are yet encouraged to register ahead of time. The day-long conference is set to begin as 11:45 am and run until 5:45 pm, although naturally there can be networking and cocktails afterwards.

The Cleveland Ritz Carlton.

The Cleveland Ritz Carlton.

The conference can include talks and seminars of industry and legal experts and several Ohio business leaders. It can in addition include presentations on the latest technologies, opportunities and challenges for the 3D printing industry. Topics of discussion can include how the making industry is being reshaped by 3D printing, 3D printed product liability issues and the next of the maker movement. The conference can in addition focus on the next of businesses licensing digital files pretty than selling physical products and how 3D printing may generate intellectual property losses of $100 billion by the year 2018.

Mark Avesec.

Mark Avsec.

The 3D Printing Conference was created by partner Mark E. Avsec, who in addition leads the Benesch 3D Printing Group. He regularly blogs of 3D printing issues and events, as well as speaks of 3D printing and law. Avsec’s his unconventional career has created him uniquely qualified to lead the Benesch 3D Printing Group. He has been a copyright, trademark, and media lawyer for over twenty years, and focuses his practice on old versus new media, which include music and other entertainment-related innovation licensing issues.

The legal issues which are expected to begin impacting the 3D printing industry are frequently compared to the legal issues which are faced by the music industry, so it’s a great thing which Avsec knows the music industry quite well. Before earning his law degree, he was a studio musician, producer and songwriter who has written additional than 500 songs and generated or performed on additional than 35 albums, working with music industry legends as diverse as Carlos Santana to Bon Jovi. You can learn additional of the Benesch 3D Printing Conference here, and learn additional of Mark E. Avsec on his bio page. Discuss additional in the Cleveland 3D Printing Conference forum over at 3DPB.com.3dp_Benesch_conf_flyer