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Classic “Battleship” Board Game Transformed into 3D Printed “Battleshots” Drinking Game

by • January 21, 2016 • 74s Comments

Battleship“You sunk my battleship.” You may remember which classic commercial advertising the board game which has equite player guessing the precise grid location of the other’s ships. Milton Bradley released a plastic model of the game–via pegboards and mini ships–in 1967, but the game is said to date all the way back to World War I as a pencil and paper game. In 1977, Electronic Battleship was released, and in 1979, the game became the inspiration for a desktop game, too. But what of Battleship as a 3D printed drinking game called Battleshots? This is most likely a game variation which can catch and store your attention, right?

As you can see, the game has pretty morphed to fit the times, going of a pen and pencil game to a desktop game. What precisely does it say of our times which there is now a 3D printed drinking model of the game? In the Milton Bradley board game, your ships may span several grid locations unbeknownst to the other player. Players may guess grid locations, and if your ship was located on which spot, you had to put a peg in the ship. Once all of a ship’s pegs were filled, the ship was sunk, hence the infamous commercial line: “You sunk my battleship!”

Given the ways we have refreshed the original game thought, what do you ponder of a model where players take shots when their opponent sinks their ships? Yes, which’s the thought here, and if you are a fan of new drinking games, or the classic Battleship plotline, this project should quite catch your attention!


The Battleshots game developer, Portugal-based Rui Costa e Silva of 3Dois1 3D Printing, brings us a delightful interpretation of Battleship as a sizeable scale drinking game requiring a table top board with squares, tiny cups, and a thing to mark the missed ships–like bottle caps. For the ship swift, we have files for 2 3D printed war cargo ships with 2 and 3 cups respectively, 1 battleship with 2 cups, and 1 nuclear submarine with 3 cups.

ship4Silva recommends printing 2 sets of the files so you end up with 8 ships altogether–enough to play a quite robust model of the Battleshots game. The ships were 3D printed at 3Dois1 3D Printing via a Prusa i3 Hephestos XL, PLA bq, and supports, and they are quite a sight to behold. Whether they are holding shots of your favourite alcoholic beverage or not, the ships’ creations may easily captivate the imaginations of those 3D printing fans one of us who have not hit the legal drinking age.

If you are a fan of drinking games, but have grown tired of playing beer pong, this game of ability, strategy, luck, and now drinking can only be for you. Obviously you will have to bend a few traditional rules, for the reason the grid is not hidden of opponents in this table top model. But, while you are all yet sober, you and your friends can agree on the Battleshots rules, right?

If you are a 3D printing fan, you should in addition be certain to check out Silva’s (Portuguese language) website and (English language) Facebook page to see his other astounding work. From reading the comments on the Battleshots Reddit page, Silva unquestionably has a new next of 3D printed drinking game/Battleship fans.