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Chinese student 3D prints three gorgeous bone structure dresses inspired by Greek mythology – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 12, 2016 | By Alec

3D printing has become a ideal tool for fashion developers. At the 2016 version of the Wuhan Textile University Fashion Week, student Tang Xiao showcased three gorgeous 3D printed dresses, all showcasing white bone-like structures inspired by the Sirens of Greek mythology.
The 2016 version of the Wuhan Textile University Fashion Week kicked off in Beijing last week, and can go on until the end of this week. Exhibiting over 100 awe-inspiring produces by graduate students spread out over nine days and 17 shows, it is the ideal occasion to find out additional of what China’s up-and-coming fashion developers are working on.

But few developers stood out additional than Tang Xiao thanks to her awe-inspiring blend of fashion and top level innovation. Whilst we’ve seen 3D printed dresses preceding, the 23-year-old Tang Xiao went out of her way to mimic bone structures as closely as possible for her three dresses. What’s additional, all dresses have been 3D printed and modeled to fit the model’s body ideally, with ereally section of clothing being tailored separately. Tang Xiao worked on the three 3D printed dresses for a total of four months of begin to finish. In total she believes to have spent of 50,000 RMB on the dresses, or of $7,700 USD.
What’s additional, all dresses were inspired by the mysterious Sirens of Greek mythology – the enchanting, gorgeous and deadly sea creatures who lured sailors to their deaths with their mesmerizing music. As the developer explained, that definition of a Siren sometimes gets in the way of seeing those creatures objectively. “For a lot of folks, a Siren is just gorgeous, deadly and poisonous. But I in fact wanted to emphasize it as just a creature, a really pure and easy creature. These judgements mirror modern society, where a lot of folks just look at the surface of others,” she explains.

This is in addition reflected in the chosen color scheme – or lack thereof. “Today, we always wear ‘colored glasses’ utilized to judge others, so I decided to use white as an overall color. This expresses their inner purity,” she says. “As to the shape of the dresses, I exaggerated them a bit to reflect the qualities of 3D printing. A 3D printing device can manufacture approximately anything, it constructs objects and forms that are not easy for other technologies to copy.”
According to Tao Hui, the Vice President of the Wuhan Textile University, this project shows precisely what 3D printing can bring to fashion create. It offers, he said in his introduction, massive advantages when it comes to customizing and rapid prototyping really satisfactory structures. Once additional materials look on the market, they can be utilized to realize wearable accessories and clothes. He believes it is a really gorgeous innovation for those folks who want to create and 3D print their own one-of-a-kind clothes.

Unfortunately, the innovation’s material limitations are preventing its adoption by the clothing industry, the vice president argued. “We are utilized to clothing being flexible, that fits our constantly changing body shapes. The largest problem holding 3D printing back is that we are attempting to put rigid materials onto the flexible human body. That’s why we are not wearing 3D printed clothes yet,” Tao Hui said. This is pretty emphasized by Tang Xiao’s dresses, that are perfectly
gorgeous but don’t look really effortless.
But, the vice president feels that these kinds of projects do pave the way for additional use of 3D printing in fashion, especially for accessories and wearables. “We can may already use it for accessories, as really a lot of international developers are may already doing. These are just 3D printed concepts that donate us a glimpse of the next. A next industry where traditional sewing may be replaced by one-time forming through 3D printing. No matter what fashion you select, we can manufacture it in a single print job,” he concluded.

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