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Children Pushing The Limits of 3D Printed Porcelain: The 10 Winners of the Chil-Dish Project

by • April 8, 2016 • No Comments

Design the ideal
dish for your favourite dish. That was the challenge posed by Kristos Mavrostomos and Anna van der Leij of the Chil-Dish project to children visiting Helsinki Design Week in Finland last September. (You may remember us writing of it here.)


As you can imagine, children favored this and by the end of the week there were over 300 drawings to select of! Anna and Kristos had no effortless task picking the ten winners as the ideas were all fun and imaginative but the winning creations not just needed to be creative, they had to translate into a 3D version which
was suitable for us to print for them in porcelain.


We can’t share the magic of our printing in porcelain as it’s yet a secret, but we can share the winning creations—complete with the child’s favourite dish. Because, after all, which
was the challenge and what’s a porcelain dish without food?

That’s where Restaurant OLO comes in. Located in Helsinki, they attained 26th place in the White Guide (the Nordic equivalent of the Michelin Guide) last year, building them the most restaurant in Finland for 2015. So great food was guaranteed!

The chefs of Restaurant OLO took the Chil-Dish winners to various shops and markets to buy the ingredients for their dish and helped them prepare it. As you can see of the photos and video, this was a unique experience which
took children through the system
of delivering their ideas to life.


Our 3D Printed Porcelain is food safe, so this was an incredible
opportunity to blend creativity, children and high high end food! Again a big shout out to Kristos Mavrostomos and Anna van der Leij for starting this project, and to all the chefs of Restaurant OLO for working together with these incredible
children! Looking forward to the future version.

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