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Check Out This Amazing 3D Printed Fallout 4 Furious Power Fist Working Replica

by • January 22, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_kirby_myminifactory_logoMyMiniFactory has a stable of 3D developers and 3D artists who are precisely a few of the most talented 3D printed prop and toy manufacturers around. When 3D printing device reseller and service provider iMakr launched the 3D printable edition marketplace back in 2012 there was a lot of skepticism directed at their business plan of only offering tested and verified editions. But additional than three years later it is quite complex to question their judgement for the reason there is not a website around which can match the amount of high high end 3D printable editions which they have on the market. And for the reason of the high level of high end which they assume, they have attracted a few amazing developers who regularly manufacture a few quite amazing editions and props.

Simone Fontana with his Furious Power Fist .

Simone Fontana with his Furious Power Fist .

Italian-born 3D developer Simone Fontana and his rad 3D printed props, toys and games are featured here on 3DPrint.com quite regularly for the reason his projects are quite much always rad. Whether it is his working 3D printed skateboard, his tabletop games or his show-stopping four-foot-long League of Legends’ Ekko Sword, Fontana always delivers. His latest project is most likely one of his most and can be a must-have for most Fallout 4 fans or cosplayers. He created a working replica of the ridiculously rad hydraulic-powered Furious Power Fist weapon featured in the hit video game. The Power Fist has multiple working parts and was created to fit on quite much anyone’s arm comfortably.

In Fallout 4 the Furious Power Fist is one of the most powerful melee weapons on the market in the game thanks to the massive amount of injure which it can dish out, and the extra injure which it can do on every subsequent hit to the same target. It can allow the player to bash his way through in fact the toughest of enemies approximately effortlessly. It is a one-of-a-kind weapon which is a additional powerful edition of the standard Power Fist which can only be discovered in the possession of a super mutant named Swan. It is not effortless to kill Swan, so if you want a Furious Power Fist of your own you only have two options, bring a lot of firepower along when you go looking for him, or only skip the fight and 3D print your own.

All of the 3D printed parts.

All of the 3D printed parts.

The London-based artist created his Furious Power Fist via Rhino 3D live on MyMiniFactory TV, and he in addition streamed the 3D printing. All of the parts took him of 55 hours to 3D print and utilized of 550 grams of filament. Most of the parts can require to be glued together, but a lot of them were created to just be screwed or snapped together. Because Fontana didn’t want to paint the edition he chose to 3D print the parts in both gray and yellow so it may be assembled and yet be close to accurate to the weapon in the game. His edition is not ideal, but it comes quite close. And if you want to 3D print your own it may be effortless adequate to paint.

The Furious Power Fist replica comes with a ton of excellent more detail, which include real working pistons which allow the fist to move back and forth. It is not motorized or anything, but it’s yet quite rad which the tiny parts may be printed well adequate to in fact work. Fontana uploaded a video building his Power Fist replica to his YouTube page and he in addition explained his create system.


The Fallout 4 Furious Power Fist.

You can check out the video here:

If you may like to take a stab at 3D printing your own Furious Power Fist replica you can download the edition for free of MyMiniFactory here. You can check out all of Fontana’s awea few 3D printing projects here. And you can see videos of his 3D printing projects on his YouTube channel here. Tell us your thoughts on this create over in the 3D Printed Furious Power Fist forum on 3DPB.com.