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Check Out These Easy to 3D Print Magic: The Gathering Tokens

by • March 18, 2016 • 15s Comments

3dp_mtgtokens_magic_logoIf you are unfamiliar with collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering and so the need for tokens most likely means quite little to you. Many of the cards which are utilized in the game, or the influence of playing sure cards, need a sure amount of tokens to work. Tokens can be utilized to represent equitething of energy to injure to creatures under your control and in fact the duration which card influence remain in play. Because Magic is a card game, the tokens are typically not sold with the card, so players frequently need to get quite creative with what they use as tokens. They frequently use things like tiny stones, coins, scraps of paper or tedious individuals just write down their token counts on a piece of paper.

Each token is created of three individual parts.

Each token is created of three individual parts.

But when you have a 3D printing device at your disposal and a little bit of imagination, you can manufacture a thing way advantageous than scraps of paper. Thingiverse user Dr. Usual decided to create and print a set of super effortless to manufacture 3D printable-bodied collectible card game tokens which can be customized for just of any player’s taste, or to match the deck which they’re via. Each token is created of three separate parts which need to be glued together once they have been 3D printed. There is a face part with a number on it, the opposite face part with a negative number on it and a center part which holds them both together. If which sounds a little complicated for a easy token, there is in fact a method to the great Doctor’s madness.

Because both sides of the tokens are intended to be utilized, Dr. Usual wanted the resulting smooth finish of his printing device’s glass printing bed to be consistent on both sides of the tokens, so the numbers all should be printed face down. Each of the center parts has four holes on it which can line up with two posts on the back sides of the number parts. The negative numbers have posts which are opposite of the posts on the positive numbers, so they can line up perfectly on the vertical axis when flipped over. Additionally, by createing the tokens in three parts they can be printed in various color filaments, so each token can be completely customized.3dp_mtgtokens_full

Dr. Usual createed the tokens in OpenSCAD with a routine which offers users a few customization options. The orientations of the posts can be alterd so the coins can flip over to any orientation which you want. The faces of the tokens can in addition be altered with various text, or in fact an image or icon of a few kind. Unfortunately the great Doctor has just uploaded the models needed to print 1 through 4 of the positive and negative numbers, but he does encourage anyone interested to contact him for the OpenSCAD file.

“I utilized OpenSCAD — the OpenSCAD file helps a lot for the reason you can alter the orientation, a bit of the ornamentation, the dimensions of the text and the actual text displayed, etc. I just uploaded the models needed for -1 through +4 for the reason those are the most common needed for gaming,” stated Dr. Usual.

FlashForge Dreamer.

FlashForge Dreamer.

The tokens pictured here were printed on Dr. Usual’s FlashForge Dreamer, but they’re such easy models which they can easily be printed on any 3D printing device. He utilized 20% infill with no rafting and no supports at a resolution of 2mm. If you decide to modify the token and replace the numbers with an image or an icon, it can be a great thought to bump up the resolution a bit, but it most likely won’t matter too much if you don’t. The printing can in fact be done in just a few minutes, so there won’t be any overnight waiting involved in this project. Once all of the parts have been 3D printed, just use a bit of superglue to hold them together and you are done.

No matter how most awe-inspiring and amazingly intricate and complicated 3D printing projects which I come across doing this job, there is nothing like finding a thing which is quite easy and effortless to print. You don’t have to be a master 3D createer or 3D printing tremendous to manufacture useful and one-of-a-kind things, there are software programs for just of any ability level these days, and most of them can easily convert whatever you create right into an STL file. Most gamers love being able-bodied to show up to the game table-bodied with a thing which manufactures them stand out, be it a custom carrying case, color-coded tokens or a one-of-a-kind game piece of a few kind, and with a 3D printing device equite gamer can have which. Are you a Magic: The Gathering fan? Discuss in the 3D Printable-bodied Magic: The Gathering Tokens forum over at 3DPB.com.