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Changing Technologies Wants to 3D Print Replacement LEGO Parts

by • February 24, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_replacement_lego_logoWhen I was expanding up I was incredibly protective of my toys, specifically my sizeable-bodied collection of LEGO assembling sets. Obviously there were many small parts that may easily get lost, and when it came to LEGO the smaller the part usually intended that it was additional significant or useful when assembling new designs. I wasn’t as organized as many complexcore LEGO enthusiasts can be in these days, with their dedicated rooms and sizeable-bodied cabinets of small drawers full of parts that have been separated, divided and meticulously organized. But I was yet far additional organized than many kids were, and I had several various boxes of LEGO parts, that include one that I stored all of the small or one-of-a-kind parts that I may be upset to lose.

My organizing pretty paid off, as I loved my LEGO sets well into my twenties when I finally decided to part with them and hand them over to my nephews. Decades later, my original LEGOs yet act as small landmines hidden in the carpeting of my sister and her kids’ living room. But despite having done a excellent job protecting my favourite and many utilized pieces, over the years I did unfortunately find a few of the most parts that I had gone missing. These days many replacement parts can be purchased directly of LEGO online or at one of their retail stores, a fewthing that I had no access to back in the day. But actually in these days, when a company has been making assembling bricks for fifty years, not each individual part can be sold individually.

3dp_replacement_lego_partsA Texan 3D printing service provider is looking to fill in the gaps that LEGO themselves can’t fill and hopes to contribute 3D printed replacements parts for LEGO collectors. They specifically have asked LEGO for a license to contribute 3D printed replacements to broken, lost or missing pieces that are not on the market in LEGO’s retail outlets. Changing Technologies, Inc. believes that they have the know-how and the innovation to contribute LEGO fans this service, and that it may be incredibly profitable-bodied for both them and the Danish toy manufacturer.

3dp_replacement_lego_dimensions“We’re reaching out to LEGO to explore ways to work together. LEGO not just manufactures the famous interlocking bricks and blocks, but in addition a near-infinite variety of minifigure collector sets based on real-life places, themes, movies and video games. When a customer loses or breaks a minifigure piece, it can be complex to replace. So we’d like a license of LEGO to 3D custom-print replacement bricks or repair broken ones. There’s a immense market for replacements and the ractuallyue possibilities are immense,” said the CEO of Changing Technologies, Marco Valenzuela.

3dp_replacement_lego_ChangingTechno_logoYou can may already find custom created LEGO bricks and parts on 3D version marketplaces like Thingiverse, yet none of those versions are legal, or authorized by LEGO, so many 3D print service providers won’t touch them. And the high end is frequently limited to the 3D printing device being utilized to print them, that is frequently going to create substandard parts. Changing Technologies, or CHGT, is looking to license just specific parts of LEGO and use their industrial-high end 3D printing devices to manufacture the high-high end reproductions. LEGO parts are may already created via ABS, so the innovation exists to replace them provided there are customers willing to pay for them.

Whilst any 3D printed replacement bricks or parts may, frankly, be really expensive in relation to their weight created, injection molded counterparts, the higher price tag is unmost likely to put off customers. The secondary market for LEGO toys discovered on online marketplaces like eBay is a massive business, and replacing parts or getting special, complex to find pieces is a fewthing that LEGO fans are utilized to paying a premium for. Being able-bodied to have custom replacement parts created for them is most likely to be a welcome version to the frequently fruitless search for specific parts contributeed by online sellers. So far there has been no response of LEGO officially, but I ponder it may be really a profitable-bodied service if they were willing to let CHGT contribute it. Is this a service you may use? Discuss in the 3D Printed LEGO Replacement forum over at 3DPB.com.