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Changing Technologies is Now Offering to Convert CT Scans to 3D Printable Files For Clients

by • January 9, 2016 • No Comments

fl7_brainctTwo-dimensional CT scans are so outdated, aren’t they? Sure, they’re excellent for revealing injuries, tumors or other abnormalities within the human body, but compared to the 3D printed models which can now be created of the scans, the original images seem pretty primitive. We frequently report on the lives saved by medical teams who have printed 3D models of patients’ organs of their CT scans. The models allow doctors and surgeons to map out complicated surgeries preceding opening up the patient, and a fewtimes they reveal abnormalities which weren’t readily apparent of the 2D image.

If you’ve read of any of these procedures, you may be amazed at how effortless it all sounds. Take a CT scan, convert it to a 3D model, print it out, study it for a while, and so boom – a complicated surgery is now a piece of cake. Well, it’s not quite as effortless as all which. Converting a raw CT scan to a 3D model isn’t a easy system, and if you’re not may already acquainted with 3D technology, you can get quite stuck preceding you at any time get to the printer.

ChangingTechno_3DprintingDoctors, nurses and surgeons are a few of the busiest folks you’ll at any time meet, so while they, and their patients, can potentially benefit most of 3D printing CT scans, they’re in addition the least most likely to have the time to learn of the technology. If just simply there were a fewone to do the data conversion for them, 3D printed surgical models may be a lot additional accessible, or so says technology company Changing Technologies. And they want to handle which data conversion for medical professionals, educators and others who have require for 3D printed CT scans.

AM_Heart_Model_Full-1024x982“There is a definite, expanding demand for this service,” said Changing Technologies’ CEO, Marco Valenzuela. “Companies and folks are finding which getting their CT data converted into a file their 3D printer can system is a challenge. You can’t just simply go of a scan to print. The file requires to be converted. We aim to fill which void. CHGT now offers CT scan systeming services where we can take a customer’s scan file and turn it to a 3D printable model which we can print for them, they can print it themselves or find a printer using our portal. We believe this niche market can turn into a solid, revenue-producing business for us.”

6dimensionChanging Technologies and their not long ago created subsidiary, 6th Dimension Technologies, are geared towards innovative uses of 3D printing technology to meet the requires of clients. They’re behind the intriguing “print-a-bit” thought which allows for customers to 3D print their own items on demand at kiosks within retail locations, and they’ve created a point of being the initial to come up with solutions to issues which arise along with the introduction of new things (child-proof medical marijuana packaging, anyone?). While most industries are investing in 3D printing training for their employees, it’s nice to understand which there’s a company out there who will handle 3D printing-related issues for hospitals and other institutions when the require arises.

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