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Get eager for celebrity ‘holograms’ beyond the usual 2D illusions.

by • August 16, 2016 • No Comments

RadicalMedia isn’t eager to say that celebs can be involved, in part for the reason it is actually yet negotiating deals. But, it expects to feature its project inside a year, when it in addition expects augmented reality tech to reach the public. It’s not sure only how sophisticated it’ll be in practice. AR hardware like Microsoft’s HoloLens is rolling out actually as I write this, but the $3,000-a-pop pricing isn’t realistic for a theater or lecture hall with hundreds of folks. The many high end presentations may be reserved for smaller-scale, shorter presentations where only a few headsets are adequate. Oherwise, you can end via phone-based headsets (or no headset at all) to get a good-but-not-great viewing experience.

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