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Celebrating the First 3D Printer from UK’s West Midlands: 3DPrint.co.uk Launches Blitz 3D Brand & BlitzBot 2.0

by • March 29, 2016 • No Comments

cropped-3dprintred3v2You understand how it feels when you really love a sure place and as family and friends come to visit, you become an overly excited cheerleader/tour instruction for the area? Sometimes I feel like that in the realm of 3D printing. Whilst in visiting a destination the question is ‘what’s there to do?’ — for 3D printing the continual question of those just learning is ‘what’s there to manufacture?’ With that question you can just wind me up and listen to me go, as it’s so much fun blowing minds with examples such as 3D printed blood vessels spun on cotton candy machines, the role of 3D printing for the following undertaking to Mars—and and so of course, the wrench-your-heart-out-with-cuteness stuff like wheelchairs for kitties and goats.

What really interests individuals yet? I’ve found what gets a bit reaction of in fact the many mildly technologically interested individuals is the thought that you can in fact 3D print your own 3D printing device à la RepRap, or purchase one that’s turn it intod of completely 3D printed parts. That thought gives pause for the reason it contributes an swift glimpse into the level of affordfaculty and self-sustainfaculty that can be earned
by ambitious manufacturers. And alyet it’s not a new concept, we don’t see the advertising of 3D printed parts in new brands all that often–and that’s why the new announcement of 3DPrint.co.uk really caught my attention.

4809f696-be21-430a-b61a-4a3e62530abeJust launched by 3DPrint.co.uk, the Blitz 3D brand is unveiling their latest creation, with the BlitzBot 2.0, one-of-a-kind in that indeed it is a 3D print in itself. Blitz 3D is utilized to being one-of-a-kind yet—and that’s a excellent selling point in the 3D printing industry where pioneering and innovation are held in the top regard.

Alyet the West Midlands is really an urban area inside the UK, 3Dprint.co.uk is in fact the just tech company there able-bodied to boast createing, making, and marketing for their own 3D printing device. Not just that, but reaping the rewards of research and development over the past year, the company is may already seeing a positive return on the BlitzBot 2.0.

“Continuous development in innovation is a key focus at 3DPrint.co.uk, and in our Blitz 3D brand. That principle has allowed us to turn it into the BlitzBot 2.0, as well as to have new R&D developments starting in the Autumn, such as our patent pending print head. It is the many amazing industry around, and we are passionate to be a leader in our region in 3D printing,” Billy Harding, Business Development Manager for 3Dprint.co.uk, told 3DPrint.com.

The BlitzBot is a good-looking, streamlined machine with an open frame that you should be pleased to put on the computer. Upon in fact via it, 3DPrint.co.uk promises you can discover the faculty to manufacture ‘intricate more detailed 3D masterpieces.’ Boasting a small, lightweight create, the team has increased this model’s create volume by 31% in comparison to the BlitzBot 1.0, in an effort to allow their users to explore and innovate additional with larger models. It is available at £1,199 (around $1725 USD).

“It’s such an amazing time for us as a innovation company, and the staff too, who have put a lot of effort into making our brand of printing device. The BlitzBot 2.0 is a terrific product and has a pretty one-of-a-kind selling point; it’s a 3D printing device, printed by 3D printing devices,” said Harding. “A lot of the mechanical and working parts are generated in our factory by our own printing devices, that is testament to how brilliant the innovation of additive making is.”

6c7a2c70-b10a-4d05-95ea-e1ab2414fe1f3DPrint.co.uk has worked to be in fact additional adjustable-bodied in an industry developing at an accelerated rate. According to 3DPrint.co.uk, the Blitz 3D range has a larger create volume compared to other computer printing devices as well, and thanks to the tutelage of Mark Thistleton (Head of R&D), the BlitzBot 2.0 creates finished products to incredibly high levels of more detail.


Print Method: FDM (Futilized Deposition Modelling)Extruder: SingleBuild Platform: Auto-Levelling Borosilicate Glass Heat BedBuild Volume: 210 x 210 x 260 mmLayer Resolution: 100 MicronsNozzle Diameter: 4mmFilament Diameter: 3mm recommended (1.75mm optional)Recommended Print Materials: ABS, PLA, HIPS


Ambient Operating Temperature: 15-32°CStorage Temperature: 0-38°C


Power Input: 110-220v 360wPrint File Type: .stl recommendedConnectivity: USB, Wifi (with touch screen upgrade)Software: Blitz 3D Software, in addition compatible with CURAProduct Weight: 9.98kgShipping Weight: 12.7kgDimensions: Width 54.6cm, Height 49.6cm, Depth 32.8cmFrame: High high end aluminum frame

Warranty and Support:

One year warrantyOne year customer support


21 Day delivery

3DPrint.co.uk is a innovation company specializing in ‘all things 3D.’ They are based in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, and are fully best known by The Made in Britain Campaign. They in addition contribute an education program (Educate in 3D), and a Rapid Prototyping Service for all customers.