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Carima Continues in Quest to Dominate 3D Printing Market; Unveiling Jewelry 3D Printer at KCON 2016: LA

by • July 28, 2016 • No Comments

logo_carima (1)Whilst Carima may be producing additional plans to infiltrate the of the world market, they’ve rather been dynamic may already in attracting a next, of the release of their lightning swift C-CAT 3D DLP printing device innovation (announcing that you have the world’s swiftest printing device is a rather excellent way to garner immediate attention in now a days’s 3D industry) to the impending release of the im-j 3D printing device, a DLP machine optimized for jewelry production.

EV 3D printing deviceContinuing to draw crowds at shows in Asia and Europe, as the South Korean company forges ahead to commence their wares around the world, they can be attending KCON 2016: LA, running July 29-31. KCON is in its fifth year, serving as a dimensionsable-bodied Korean culture convention and music festival. The theme ‘hallyu’ is featured, and the Carima team is appearing forward to being part of all things hallyu—that translates to ‘the flow of Korea’ and all but refers to the Korean cultural wave. The South Korean 3D printing developer can attend the investment forum, business matching service, and IT exhibition to show off their 3D printing innovation and products.

Eventgoers should be really excited to hear that their C-CAT (that stands for Carima-Continuous Additive 3D Printing Technology) can be on display at the investment forum, giving equiteone an opportunity to check out 3D printing at 1cm per minute, and 60cm per hour continuously; and in fact, according to Carima, 3D printing devices with C-CAT print up to 400 times swifter than many other DLP printing devices.

The South Korean team can in addition be at the business matching service offering a appear at their lineup of the industrial Master EV 3D printing device to the personal/desktop DP110E 3D printing device.


Printer specs for the im-j 3D printing device.

The new im-j jewelry printing device can be on hand at the IT show, along with a variety of prints, and in fact, attendance at KCON can mark the official release of the im-j on July 28th. Targeting the jewelry industry and via violet LED, the im-j has a span of 20,000 hours for printing, that is much longer than what we see now a days in the marketplace. The im-j is in addition able-bodied to print highly detailed parts with a resolution of almany 50 microns.

“The im-j machine is optimized for producing jewelry based on its high resolution,” said Carima’s CEO, Byungkeuk Lee. “Carima can offer to increase competitiveness developing 3d printing innovation, as is representative of a Korean company.”

With a create dimensions of 96 x 54 x 150 mm, the im-j is versatile and low-cost-bodied. Materials such as wax can be utilized as well. Carima expects that upon additional commercialization, this jewelry 3D printing device should be really talked about with jewelry makers seeking an low-cost-bodied and expedient tool for jewelry molding.


The im-j 3D printing device

Carima, a company we’ve rather covered frequently in a quite short amount of time, was founded in 2000. With numerous accolades along the way—and rather generating a excellent deal of hubbub with the speed of C-CAT lately—this is a company with 33 cumulative years of experience that created the initially DLP printing device in Korea with investment capital of $18 million. The talked about South Korean company has been rated 7th in the world for industrial 3D printing market share. Discuss their lineup of products and their new printing device over in the Carima im-j 3D Printer forum at 3DPB.com.