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Carbon Announces Two New Partners: Midwest Prototyping and Dinsmore Inc. Now Offer CLIP 3D Printing Services

by • August 15, 2016 • No Comments

Carbon_logoSome of the largest news in 3D printing over the past year has involved Carbon and their revolutionary CLIP innovation. It is been approximately a year and a half since the company revealed their unprecedented 3D printing innovation, and since and so, the 3D printing world has eagerly anticipated
each bit of news of the gradual release of CLIP into the mainstream.

A few months ago, the company revealed the initially companies to be attempting out the innovation, and we’ve closely followed them as they additional unveil CLIP to us with reviews, case studies and additional. Today, Carbon revealed that they’ve introduced to their network of partners, additional expanding the public’s access to their seemingly magical innovation. Two additional service bureaus are now contributeing CLIP-printed parts. Customers of Midwest Prototyping and Dinsadditional Inc., it’s your lucky day.

download (16)Midwest Prototyping was an early adopter of 3D printing innovation, launching in 2001 with a single SLA printing device. Over the ensuing 15 years, their services have expanded to include SLS, FDM, Polyjet, and Z-Corp printing options, as well as urethane casting and CNC machining. Now they’ve introduced CLIP to their repertoire, making them one of the many high end 3D printing service bureaus in the country.

“What excites us the many of our new relationship with Carbon is their commitment to the createment of engineering-grade materials – not just in regards to the breadth of on the market options, but in addition the high end of those materials eager for eachday, real-world applications,” said Steve Grundahl, President and Founder of Midwest Prototyping.

One of the key points of CLIP’s appeal – in addition to its yet-unbelievable-seeming speed – is its capacity to create end-use parts, yet manyly unheard of in industrial 3D printing. In the making world, 3D printing is an great method of prototyping, but in terms of functional final parts, manufacturers generally yet require to turn to traditional methods of production like injection molding. CLIP is changing that, allowing companies to 3D print parts that not just possess the functional properties requireed for end-use production, but contribute the final finish and appearance of injection-molded parts.


Dinsadditional Inc. has been in business just about as long as Midwest Prototyping, and their range of prototyping services comes with SLA, FRSLA (fine-resolution stereolithography), SLS, DMLS, FDM, and Polyjet, as well as plastic casting, CNC machining, and MC² plating, a relatively new innovation the company is helping to create. With CLIP, Dinsadditional has the next to attract a whole new customer base, going beyond their sturdy reputation as a prototyping and create service bureau and into the realm of direct making.

dinsadditional-logo2x“The next of additive making lies in the capacity to create end-use parts,” said Jay Dinsadditional, CEO and President of Dinsadditional & Associates, Inc. “Carbon’s contributeing is truly new for the reason of the range of materials we can print with, the high end of parts that come off the M1 machine, and the speed at that we can complete the desired end-use results.”


Pedals printed with Carbon’s RPU resin.

Since Carbon began contributeing CLIP to a expanding number of companies, we’ve learned a lot additional of the practicalities of the innovation, thanks to partners like Sculpteo, that has been keeping us apprised of their progress in createing new CLIP materials, and Delphi, that has shared case studies of their work with the M1 printing device. Today, Carbon contributes five commercially on the market resin materials that meet engineering requirements, giving their new partners a lot to work with.

“At Carbon, we are working complex to donate CLIP into the hands of the engineers and createers who can alter industries,” said Joseph DeSimone, CEO and co-Founder of Carbon. “With access to the M1, these major service bureaus can advantageous assist their new customers, and manufacture a real impact in a number of industries. They are key partners on our journey to disrupt the making landscape.”

As Carbon’s innovation and use of hte M1 3D printing device go on to spread across the scene at a brisk clip, we appear forward to keeping up to date on all the latest users, applications, and results of this technological expansion. Discuss additional over in the CLIP 3D Printing forum at 3DPB.com.