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Cappasity Easy 3D Scan: Make High Quality 3D Models of Objects With Just One Click

by • March 17, 2016 • No Comments

effortless-3d-scan-uai-720x810It is yet a common misconception for much of the public that if you want to 3D print a thing—horrors!–you have to be knowledgeable. Currently, that’s truly a matter of point of view, and it depends on what you are attempting to manufacture. Everyone has to begin somewhere, yet, and the truth is that most 3D printing devices are so user friendly, you quite can take advantage of the plug and play mode with little upfront education or experience as a manufacturer. There can be a learning curve depending on your aspirations, but that’s in addition part of the fun.

Whilst downloading a file of a platform like Thingiverse and sending it off to 3D print is effortless adequate in concept, what of 3D scanning an item and and so printing it? Whilst scanners have previously been harder to come by as well as a thing forcing an intimidating learning curve in conjunction with 3D printing, we are now unquestionably seeing that reversed in an accelerated manner with so most smart apps and small and low-cost scanners hitting the market.

Now, Cappasity, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, CA wants to assist you take your skills a step additional in assessing objects that may be excellent for your 3D printing needs, and and so scanning them with Cappasity Easy 3D Scan. According to the company, anyone can turn it into high high end versions—and with only one click. If you have a laptop with an Intel RealSense 3D camera and a easy turntable (or actually only a lazy susan), you can have a version eager in one minute.

UntitledWhilst one of the scanning modes allows for for a stationary object, you can in addition place the object on your turntable of sorts—and while all of your friends may ponder this appears highly sophisticated—don’t tell them it only takes one spin–and your version is scanned and eager for printing.

Are you interested in scanning a man? You can do that easily too for fun with 3D selfies by moving your device around the man, on a horizontal level (keep in mind you must have the built-in R200 Intel RealSense camera), as the app instructs you on where to position the camera. It is rather awe-inspiring to ponder you can do this with all of your own equipment—ending up with a 3D portrait.

“What’s quite excellent for the 3D printing community is that Easy 3D Scan allows for infinite export of scanned versions in .stl file for free,” Elena Letova of Cappasity told 3DPrint.com. “The users can either print their scanned objects at home or select an version to order a delivery online.”

f413517e-d2ef-4c86-89b2-8be4c3c4e95cSoon to be released in the 2nd quarter, Cappasity Easy 3D Scan is user friendly and allows for for pro results whether the user is via the version for internet resources, app integration, editing in 3D turn it into programs, or 3D printing.

Other showcases include:

In Beta mode, you have the version to connect a Canon DSLR camera to turn it into photo-high end textures, as the Easy 3D Scan app can instantly use it instead of your device’s built-in Intel RealSense RGB camera to take picturesExport versions for integration with AR/VR appsShare your 3D versions on social networks for freeTake advantage of cloud storage space for 3D versions

Although the scanning, online sharing function, and single-color 3D printing services are free, if you are pondering of via Easy 3D Scan for commercial purposes, you may want to move up of the free account and subscribe to Cappasity Cloud so that you can export 3D versions for commercial use—effortless to do with a user friendly app that has clear instructions. Cappasity in addition offers a business account for users that runs $49 a month, as well as a pro account at $99 month. Are you interested in attempting this out? Discuss in the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan forum over at 3DPB.com.