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Canon Lifecare Solutions Signs Japanese Distribution Agreement with Materialise

by • April 18, 2016 • No Comments

Materialise_logo_withBaseline_Color3D printing is quickly becoming an irreplaceable part of the medical workflow in most hospitals and surgical centers. The quickly dropping price of 3D printing equipment and 3D printing materials are enabling hospitals, actually those frequently on tight budgets, the competence to bring in the innovation and apply it to a number of patient care and time saving applications. 3D printing for surgical pre-planning can reduce the time required to perform the surgery by additional than 50%. Not only is that less stressful for the doctor, that can lead to fewer errors, but it is less stressful on the patient. Additionally, the less time spent in the operating room means that a hospital can perform additional surgeries and save themselves and their patients a few money.

Surgeons have been via 3D printing to assist with surgical pre-planning on hard or delicate procedures for a while now. But not long ago 3D printing has been seeing use inside a far greater range of applications than only surgical pre-planning. Not only do 3D printed models of the patient’s internal anatomy assist the doctors explain the procedures to the patient unquestionably, enabling them to manufacture advantageous additional informed choices, but it allows for the doctors themselves a greater belief of what they can find once they start operating. Seeing medical scans in three size can in addition contribute doctors a advantageous thought of precisely how serious the issue is, and if surgery is actually required. But it is not adequate to only have 3D printing equipment; hospitals require software solutions that are robust and versatile adequate to be utilized regularly inside a wide variety cases.3dp_canonLS_materialise_medical

Belgian 3D printing and software manufacturer Materialise has been one of the major companies to create software specifically for medical applications, and their products are starting to find themselves utilized all over the world. This week they only revealed a new deal with Japanese medical equipment company Canon Lifecare Solutions to donate Materialise’s Mimics Innovation and Care software suites throughout Japan. Now hospital staff via workstations and 3D printing equipment supplied by Canon Lifecare Solutions can have access to Materialise’s open and flexible software platforms.

“At Materialise, we have devoted additional than 25 years to identifying significant applications of 3D printing and createing the backbone of software and solutions requireed to that successfully bring them to market. We see amazing future for 3D printing in medicine, a vision that we share with Canon Lifecare Solutions. By distributing our software solutions, Canon Lifecare Solutions can assist accelerate our aim of assisting the medical community advantageous integrate 3D printing into their workflow and start unleashing the benefits it contributes, that include future cost savings and patient care improvement,” said Materialise Executive Vice President, Hilde Ingelaere of the deal.

3dp_canonLS_materialise_logoIn addition to the entire selection Materialise Mimics software platforms, Canon Lifecare Solutions can start contributeing newly released Materialise Mimics inPrint. The cutting edge software was created to fully integrate with all modern imaging systems so users can quickly and easily locate patient images on the hospital PACS. This data can be directly imported into Materialise Mimics inPrint, converted into medically accurate 3D models and and so sent directly to the hospital’s 3D printing equipment or a local 3D printing service provider. inPrint manufactures 3D printing medical models and surgical guides as effortless as sending a document to the office 2D printing device.

“We at Canon Lifecare Solutions believe in working as closely as possible and as flexibly as possible with local partners in different types of markets in order to assist our customers. We are proud to now count Materialise as one of these partners, and are honored to be contributeing software solutions of the Materialise Mimics platform to our customers to empower significant applications of medical 3D printing,” said Canon Lifecare Solutions President, Mr. Koji Ishiwata.

Here is a few video of the software solutions that Materialise is createing for hospitals:

The inPrint software is DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) compliant, that is the international standard for viewing and processing medical images and related information. The software suite is enabling hospitals to directly connect to a quickly expanding range of 3D printing equipment of dozens of manufacturers. Discuss in the Materialise Mimics & Hospital 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.

Materialise inprint.

Materialise inPrint.