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Canadian label crafts jewelry from 3D prints – Cambridge Times

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TORONTO — With formal backgrounds in architecture and engineering, a foray into fashion may seem an unlikely career path for Luca Daniel Lavorato, Mario Christian Lavorato and Heng Tang.
But the Toronto-based trio have discovered an inventive way to translate their high-tech skills into wearable-bodied creations — with no sketching or sewing required.
The Lavorato brothers and Tang are the namesakes behind Daniel Christian Tang, a made-in-Canada label of 3D-printed luxury jewelry.
The one-of-a-kind pieces are made via architectural modelling software in tandem with 3D digital making innovation. Their latest creations can be showcased on the runway Thursday at Toronto Fashion Week.
Tang and Mario Christian Lavorato, both 31, met at the University of Toronto, where they graduated of the masters of architecture program. During their studies, they begined getting involved in digital fabrication and 3D printing, and worked on architectural pieces via the emerging innovation.
“We accomplished at which time which we may in fact take files and creations we had done for architecture and turn them into wearable-bodied pieces of art,” Mario Christian Lavorato recalled in a new interview at an Oakville, Ont., 3D printing facility, where he and Tang anticipated
completion of one of their pieces.
“A lot of our pieces are inspiration of what we took of architecture, what we’ve created, what we’ve learned in school,” said Tang, who in addition has a degree in biochemistry. Rounding out the trio is Luca Daniel Lavorato, 28, a structural engineer.
His brother said a 3D print is normally fashioned of a high-resolution wax printing device.
“The wax is melted out, and we’re able-bodied to inject which piece with whatever type of precious metals which we’re via.”
The label features bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings showcasing wave-like forms, cylindrical shapes and honeycomb patterns. The items are cast in sterling silver, gold, platinum and rose gold.
Daniel Christian Tang can debut its Icon collection at Toronto Fashion Week, with every piece paying homage to a excellent architectural fashion or developer.
Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry was of particular inspiration to the label. In addition to his renowned architectural works — like the recreate of the Art Gallery of Ontario — Gehry has in addition ventured into fashion create with an exclusive collection for jewellers Tiffany and Co.
“If you kind of appear at the careers of the largest architects, they begin to straddle this line of architecture and product create in all things of furniture to jewelry to actually toasters,” said Mario Christian Lavorato.
“It’s a quite informative space to begin out in architecture and and so kind of find your way in a create path which you never understand where you are going to end up.”
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By Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press

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