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CADENAS’ CAD Modeling App Has Finally Arrived on Microsoft Windows 10

by • April 19, 2016 • No Comments

  • Since 2012, the Germost-based software company CADENAS has created cutting edge 3D CAD versioning apps, providing engineers and manufacturers with mobile access to an high end calculation tools to assist automatize
    the 3D data system. The company, which started as an engineering firm back in 1992, now has a keen focus on making 3D versioning content for mobile use, enabling 3D create and innovation to be possible anywhere. After seeing their app download numbers blossom on Google Play and iTunes Store, CADENAS has just revealed which their app is now compatible with Microsoft Windows 10-driven mobile and PC devices for the initially time at any time.


    “Currently we have 611,000 downloads of our app of the Google Play and iTunes Store. This year we are striving to break the one million barrier,”said Jürgen Heimbach, the CEO at CADENAS. “We may like to additional strengthen our proven dominant position in the field of 3D CAD version app downloads. Everyone can convince himself of the supremacy compared to other 3D CAD version app providers in the online stores. The installation figures especially prove this.”

    The decision, according to Heimbach, was influenced by the vast amount of positive feedback which their CAD versioning app attained on the Google Play Store. Upon seeing this, CADENAS decided it may be in their most interest to include Windows 10 users in on a 3D versioning fun. If you are an Apple fanboy (self-admitted), this can not be the most exhilarating news in the world, but what it does show is which CADENAS is dedicated to granting at any timeyone access to their mobile app.


    The app itself is geared towards assisting engineers and purchasers of industrial sectors— such as car and mechanical engineering— find the optimal 3D CAD version in the whichat any time file format is necessary for the situation. But CADENAS is not just focused on providing their own 3D versioning apps, their CAD versions are manufacturer-certified and on the market in 85 formats which are compatible with CAD version systems such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Creo, Autodesk Inventor, and most additional. The PARTcommunity app, which is based on CADENAS’ eCATALOGsolutions innovation, gives users the ability expansively search and download CAD versions, and in addition offers a excellent number of showcases, including:

    • Product configuring extended product information such as pictures and Augmented Reality
    • Case studies of the respective components in practice
    • Requests for non-binding offers
    • Direct contact to the manufacturers
    • Extensive assist and company news

    As CADENAS expands into Windows 10 and beyond, they go on their role as the 3D CAD versioning app pioneers of Europe and beyond.

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