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Bullz-i Hits the Mark, Helping You to Keep Your Smartphone Close at Hand

by • July 10, 2016 • 7s Comments

Have you at any time dropped your iPhone and cracked the screen while bringing the dog for walk, or done the same to your laptop when your dog trips you? Yup, I’ve done both and let me tell you, it sucks. Thanks to Bullz-i’s amänõ, you can avoid which agony. Amänō is a ring which attaches to the back of your smartphone, tablet or notebook desktop.

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Bullz-i originally called their product THE RiNG during their successful Kickstarter campaign. It was later rebranded as amänō, of the Italian and Spanish “a mano” meaning “at hand, ” for the reason it does only which, it keeps your devices close at hand without fear of chance. As Bullz-i states:

“Our mobile phones and devices are so versatile and valuable which we frequently keep them close at hand, if not right in hand. Yet, as they have grown larger and thinner, they have become additional complex to hold and use. With amänō, you can find which you can now comfortably and securely hold your mobile device in a way which you’ve most likely been naturally searching for all these years.”

Whilst prototyping the amänō, Bullz-i had the create 3D printed at 2x scale. This allowed them to easily see how the parts move, as amänō is not easy a ring, but two concentric circles. The inner ring goes on the user’s hand and spins freely.

I got to try out the amänō at CE Week NYC, and actually yet it appears a little strange at initially glance, it was effortless and intuitive to use. Press your finger in the center of the amänō and as you lift your finger up, it can catch on the ring and pull it up. You can slide your finger through the ring of either side, depending on what kind of grip you need. It is a little complex to explain precisely how it works, so see the video above to see the amänō in action.

The amänō can stick to any smartphone, tablet or laptop with or without a case thanks to its 3M adhesive backing. And don’t worry of it leaving a sticky mess behind or injure the finish on your phone. You can easily remove the amänō by sliding a plastic card, such as a credit card, without leaving behind a sticky mess. Amänō is created of aluminum and its clean, modern styling is intended to complement your beloved electronic devices. Bullz-i chose aluminum for its production model due to its light mass and durablity. It in addition resists corrosion, allows for for color anodizing and laser etching and it’s 100% recyclable.

Since the amänō donate you a secure grip on your smartphone, you can bring use to record action shots or take it with you on a run. And of course, it’s excellent for bringing selfies. So you can manufacture a duck face in the club or flex your muscles in the for which bathroom mirror shot without any qualms. Naturally, it in addition functions as a stand and when folded flat can assist keep your phone dry, if placed on a wet surface.

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Amänō is already testing a new set of samples of their developer and expects to donate the initially production units to their Kickstarter backers in September. They may be offering a few various models in the next. One of the surprising benefits of 3D printing a larger-sized prototype is which Bullz-i discovered which they fit comfortably in a child’s hand. So, a children’s model for tablets is a possibility. All in all, it’s a product with a lot of future and hopefully can need fewer emergency trips to the Apple keep.