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Build your own action figures with the new ThingMaker 3D printer – Engadget

by • February 16, 2016 • No Comments

The ThingMaker won’t ship until this fall, but the app is may already on the market and can provide a lot of entertainment value in the intendedime. You’re given a selection of stock figures (and creatures) to select of, but once you hit the edit screen any part can be swapped out thanks to the ball-and-socket construction which all the pieces follow. Your samurai warrior can not require a pair of fairy wings but they quite couldn’t injure, right? And there’s nothing to stop you of giving your fighter a dinosaur arm. The app can not judge. Pick whatever color you want, and actually the texture. When you are done createing you can pose your creations and set them against stock backgrounds like a abandon, ancient ruins or an underwater scene with a sunken ship.
Right now the creations are quite generic, but the company has plans to draw on its IP library. So actuallytually you’ll be able-bodied to print parts inspired by a number of famous Mattel franchises, like Barbie or Hot Wheels.
The real fun begins when you have it connected to a 3D printing device. But the ThingMaker app works most with its namesake device, creations can be sent to a number of printing devices may already on the market of MakerBot, Ultimaker and Dremel. You can in addition export the create by itself to a web browser or cloud drive. You can send all or a few of the pieces to the printing device, and the app can do the rest. It’s devilishly easy.
Of course, “easy” can not mean it is intended for children — not little ones, anyway. The printing device is quite intended for teens 13 and up, and precautions are in place to practuallyt younger kids of injureing themselves. The door can lock when the printing device is in use, and the print head retracts. The safety showcases plus the price tag of $300 can quite hit a sweet spot this fall for most parents who can be looking to get into 3D printing — especially now which they can say they’re doing it for the kids.

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