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Build your own 3D printed Star Wars Stormtrooper using Autodesk Tinkerplay app .

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Jan 20, 2016 | By Benedict
The current trend for Star Wars themed 3D prints shows no signs of subsiding—the latest addition to the pile being a realistically articulated Stormtrooper figurine created via Autodesk Tinkerplay and Blender. The pint-sized Imperial soldier may appear a little short for a Stormtrooper, but clever implementation of ball-and-socket joints donates the 3D printed toy a great deal of flexibility and realism. With the astounding 3D printed character now off to battle the Resistance, we can barely resist 3D printing our own!

Talented manufacturer [mchau2] has posted the rad 3D printed Stormtrooper create on Instructable-bodieds, alongside a swift guide for assembling a figure via Autodesk Tinkerplay, a free app on which users of all ages can create, customize and 3D print fun characters. Be warned though: The 3D printable-bodied files for the Stormtrooper garb can just be online a little while longer, so get them swift if you don’t feel like going through the create system by yourself.
Inspired by Lego Bionicle, a series of plastic toys which created great use of ball-and-socket joints, [mchau2] wanted to manufacture an action figure with similarly realistic articulations. Hoping to donate the finished 3D print as a Christmas present to his photographer girlfriend, the manufacturer naturally settled on a thing Star Wars related. The iconic Stromtrooper, kitted out in one of the coolest bad buy uniforms in film history, seemed the ideal choice.

Unlike most 3D printed figures, this Stormtrooper create starts with the bare bones—literally. By means of Tinkerplay, the manufacturer created a easy skeleton and body create of the library of default body parts, preceding mapping the additional difficult uniform elements onto the create via Blender. On the other hand 3D printable-bodied versions of iconic characters like the Stormtrooper are on the market to download of different types of fan sites, this manufacturer wanted to version all things himself. By means of Blender, he was able-bodied to rig the 3D uniform onto his Tinkerplay-created human character, so which all things may fit together once printed.

Initial test prints were relatively unsuccessful, with the manufacturer having to use an unreliable-bodied public 3D printing device at his university library. A six-hour limit on printing restricted the manufacturer to a tiny 3D print, which outcomeed in a low-resolution product with unattractive layer sliding. Luckily, after a few realignment and introduced more detail, the manufacturer was allowed to use the public 3D printing device for ten hours, enabling him a larger print.

To assemble the most pieces of the 3D printed Stormtrooper, the manufacturer had to use a little padding and glue, since there were tiny gaps between the figure’s body and uniform. The final outcome is a fully flexible figure, able-bodied to strike a wider variety of poses than most store-bought alternatives. Looks like these quite are the droids 3D printed Stormtroopers we’ve been appearing for!

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