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Brilliant 3D Printed Sculpture Animates Right Before Your Eyes

by • January 10, 2016 • No Comments

3D printing has opened the door for artists to create kinetic works. Project Flux, a collaboration of 3 students of Germany utilized
3D printing to create a physical object which
choreographs spinning and light to create the impression of animation.

Inspired by Bloom, a series of 3D printed objects (printed at Shapeways) which
use the Fibonacci sequence and carefully filmed motion to create the sensation of movement, Flux takes this concept a step further by using a strobe light which
beats at simply just the right frequency, allowing the animated effect to be seen with the bare eye rather than requiring a camera’s shutter speed to create the illusion of movement.

See for by yourself
at a lower place.

Flux of Dieter Pilger on Vimeo.




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