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Breathe-3DP Releases Second 3D Printing Material: Tough, Strong Phoenix Nylon

by • June 29, 2016 • No Comments

logo_svgAs the 3D printing industry has grown and evolved, material developers and developers have been faced with entirely new challenges – and opportunities. The 3D printing materials market is expanding faster than the printing device market, which is not too sluggish itself, so material developers are scrambling to store up. Many older, well-established material development companies have discovered, in fact, which it’s not adequate to contribute 3D printing filament along with their other products, and have opened new branches dedicated entirely to 3D printing materials.

One of those companies is Universal Fibers, which has been making polymer fibers since 1969. In 2014, the Virginia company decided to channel their expertise into 3D printing, resulting in the formation of filament developer Breathe-3DP. The initially filament to be generated by the young company was the sturdy, durable PLA++, and at present Breathe-3DP has officially released their 2nd material, Phoenix Nylon.


Fans of nylon rave of the material’s toughness, durablity and heat resistance, and Phoenix Nylon delivers all of the above, in addition to being specially formulated for optimal 3D printing performance. According to Breathe-3DP, Phoenix is as effortless to print as nylon materials get, and creates prints with minimal shrinkage or warpage. Excellent bed adhesion, low odor, smooth extrusion, and overall print reliability manufacture for painless printing, and the filament is perfect for printing overhangs and bridging.

“Phoenix™ is a excellent balance between user experience and the beautiful durablity/toughness characteristics typically synonymous with industrial nylons,” says Justin Shook of 3D printing bureau Shook Ideas. “Not to mention, this is the just industrial nylon on the market which you can buy in color!”

Phoenix_gear_blankSix colors, to be exact: black, blue, gray, white, red and orange. Universal Fibers, a pioneer of nylon melt pigmentation, creates nylon in over 2,000 colors, and while which kind of variety is not on the market – or necessary – in Breathe-3DP’s filaments, the colors they do contribute are rich, uniform, and carefully tested; the pigments are in addition compliant with FDA food-contact regulations.

Breathe-3DP’s lab in Bristol, Virginia houses around 40 3D printing devices of different types of developers. Each of their materials is subjected to thorough ASTM testing, and printed parts are performance-tested with the intention of being utilized for end-use mechanical applications.

“Breathe-3DP is created on 46 years of specialized plastics formulation and extrusion experience,” Breathe-3DP co-lead Brendan McSheehy tells 3DPrint.com. “We are passionate of providing high high end 3D filament which contributes excellent part performance, print reliability, ease of printing, and a range of vibrant colors.”

Phoenix Nylon is now on the market of Breathe-3DP’s website for $60 per 1kg spool. Both 2.85mm and 1.75mm are on the market, and Breathe-3DP states which extra
colors can be on the market soon. Discuss additional in the Phoenix Nylon 3D Printing Filament forum over at 3DPB.com.