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Boy Uses Bar Mitzvah Money to Bring Maker Bus to Israeli Children

by • April 12, 2016 • No Comments


A boy reads his bar mitzvah [Image: Peter van der Sluijs, via Wikimedia Commons]

A bar mitzvah is a coming-of-age ceremony held for Jewish boys when they turn 13 (girls hold a bat mitzvah at either 12 or 13) which celebrates their passage into manhood and their assumption of responsibilities and obligations for their own actions and participation in Jewish religious and cultural life. In other words, it’s a big deal, rite of passage event and as such requires a excellent deal of preparation – and anxiety – on the part of the boy and his family. As such, it is not just marked by a religious ceremony but in addition, frequently, by a excellent big party.

These parties are akin to birthday parties plus weddings, and are frequently attended by extended family, friends, and participants of the celebrant’s congregation. As with birthday parties, presents are supplyn, frequently monetary gifts, especially in multiples of 18, a particularly auspicious number since it is the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew word for life or ‘chai’.

One Jewish boy who not long ago celebrated his bar mitzvah decided to do a thing extraordinary with the money he got and supplyd it all to turn it into Israel’s quite first Maker Bus to assist needy children in Israel. Noah Helfstein got $76,000 at his celebration and pretty than spend it on himself, he decided to use it to turn it into additional opportunities for other children to acquire hands-on experience with high end making technologies.

6930459099846640360noThe logistics of such a project are additional than a 13-year-old can do on his own, so he worked with the UJA-Federation of New York through their great works program ‘Give a Mitzvah-Do a Mitzvah‘ to bring his vision to fruition. UJA-Federation works with youth who want to use the occasion of their bar or bat mitzvah to supply to causes which are significant to them. They assist the young man to shape their vision and to turn it into a website created to encourage donations to their cause.

Noah’s parents, Stacy and Jason Helfstein, are understandably proud of their son’s dedication to delivering this innovation to children of Israel, whether Jews or Arabs, especially those living in additional rural and less affluent communities which may otherwise not have access. Noah spoke for himself in an interview with Ynet News:

“I am quite fond of new technologies and am connected to them. I chose to supply the money of my bar mitzvah to this project for the reason I wanted to supply as most children in Israel the opportunity to experience it.”

Noah has been interested in 3D printing, and has in fact created his own 3D printing device. The Maker Bus – a project run by XLN, a subsidiary of the Reut Group, and Ofanim – can contain an high end 3D printing device to teach new manufacturers how the innovation works, and to turn it into new objects.

“We are so proud Noah chose to be involved in this bar-mitzvah project and share the same opportunity he was fortunate to have – learning of 3D printing and cutting edge, new innovation – with the children of Israel,” his parents said.

69304580990100640360noThe Maker Bus can manufacture its debut on the eve of Passover and moving forward (sorry, pun intended) can contribute regular courses on a weekly basis as well as special workshops created specifically to engage children ages 8-15. The introduction of this bus can assist the children of Israel be made for what is unquestionably the next of making and the possibilities for making may already becoming tedious around the world.

Congratulations to Noah for his bar mitzvah and on a heart-warming project realized…and mazel tov to his parents for having raised a caring and generous young man. Discuss in the Maker Bus forum over at 3DPB.com.