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Boulanger challenges local French makers to deliver 50 3D printed pieces to 9 cities in 24 hours – 3ders.org (blog)

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Aug 14, 2016 | By Tess

A seemingly tiny scale 3D printing project not long ago launched in France has wonderfully demonstrated the commitment and efficiency of the manufacturer community, revealing how a collaborative 3D printing project can in fact realize the not easy. French electronics retailer Boulanger not long ago requiteed out to French 3D printing device network platform Freelabster to bring together manufacturers of all over France for a easy, but specific 3D printing challenge.
Essentially, Boulanger challenged Freelabster to donate 50 3D printed pieces to 9 of its stores throughout France. To manufacture the task actually additional pressing, Boulanger requested that the orders be 3D printed locally and donateed by hand to the stores inside a 24 hour period. If the task was accomplished, equite manufacturer who donateed the 50 pieces may be entitled to a €60 reward. Amazingly, and through much commitment on the part of Freelabster employees, and the French manufacturer community, the challenge was a good results and has demonstrated just how rapidly and efficiently the manufacturer community can be mobilized.

For the actual challenge, Boulanger had a specific order put out: manufacturers were to print 50 pieces, that included 40 Pokéball chips, and 10 Pokémon Go launchers, modified
for three types of smartphone. According to Freelabster, it may take of 10 hours to print all of the pieces on a computer desktop 3D printing device (a single print for the 40 chips, and 2 prints for the 10 launchers) so they had to spread the word rapidly to their community of manufacturers. The challenge was rapidly posted on the Freelabster dashboards of all the platform’s certified manufacturers, was sent out through a newsletter to over 600 manufacturers, and was SMSed to manufacturers inside the vicinity of one of the 9 stores.
Within an hour, replies were may already coming in and Freelabster may already had two of Boulanger’s nine stores checked off: in Mandelieu and Nîmes. Next, manufacturers volunteered in Paris, Rennes, Lyons, and Gennevilliers to take up the challenge. With just twelve hours left of the challenge, Freelabsters was yet missing volunteers in Avignon, Toulon, and Caen, as no fab shops were opened in their vicinities. Fortunately, manufacturers in neighbouring regions took up the challenge and were allowed to ship their pieces through Chronopost.

Amazingly, after most of the manufacturers toiled through the night to have all the parts printed in time, equite of Boulanger’s nine locations obtained their 3D printed box on time. As Freelabster points out: “This actuallyt is not trivial, as it reflects new practices brought of by a number of web innovators and economic players. Collaborative 3D printing can allow local businesses to find their place inside a larger network in a way that assures strength.”
That is, yet the challenge of printing Pokéballs may not strike you as quite worthwhile, the whole system of mobilizing, printing, and locally donateing products shows just how much can be achieved through 3D printing networking and communities. Perhaps the following time a challenge like this takes place it can be for a thing much additional worthwhile.

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