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Bottom and Top Driven 3D Printing Meet as Ultimaker Founder Hands out Additive Industries’ Design Awards

by • March 25, 2016 • No Comments

Ultimaker and Additive Industries are two Dutch 3D printing companies that have taken diametrically opposite approaches to the industry. These quite various business models have just discovered a common ground in the field of generative create for additive making, as Ultimaker Co-Founder Erik de Bruijn revealed the winners of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2016.


Jury and winners are (of left to the right, of the 2nd row to the initially row): Second row: Mr. David SK Wong (Nanyang Polytechnic, jury member), Janne Kyttanen (Digital Sculptor, jury member), Erik de Bruijn (Ultimaker, chairman of the jury), Rein van der Mast (AddLab, jury member), Mirko Bromberger (Altair, jury member). First row: Elvira León and Javier Buhigas (Team AtoS AM Engineering, Winners Professional Category)

Ultimaker started off as a affordable PC 3D printing device developer and has grown to become one of the leading companies in this segment. Additive Industries, on the other hand, entered the high-end industrial 3D printing market by developing one of the most high end selective laser melting metal 3D printing devices at any time invented. In an perfect additive making workflow, the winning product creates may be prototyped with on a PC with an Ultimaker 2 and and so 3D printed in metal with the MetalFAB1.

_Users_isc_AppData_Local_Temp_tmp1337_files_image008Team AtoS AM Engineering (Atos SE, Spain) with their ‘Aerospace Integrated Bearing’ won in the professionals category. The have that successfully demonstrated the benefits of additive making in their create of a ball and socket joint to orientate the solar panels on a satellite. The create combined multiple various parts into one new create that required just minimum assembly. Besides that a significant mass reduction was achieved in combination with a performance improvement.

_Users_isc_AppData_Local_Temp_tmp1337_files_image014The winner in the students category is Cassidy Silbernagel, of the University of Nottingham, UK. He createed an new electric motor casing to fit into an existing crank shaft case of a regular motorcycle allowing electrification. His create reduces eight parts to one lightmass component revealing one of the leading advantages that can be achieved by additive making. Moreover he clat any timely integrated room for heat transfer and well-rounded wiring tunnels. Special mention was for the parametric tool for customized 3D printed facade connections for glass panels in the construction industry of Juhun Lee and Paul Kassabian.

Besides the winners of the Design Challenge, Additive Industries presented two additional Additive World Awards to two quite various interpreters of the new possibilities in 3D printing create and making. One is Martin Schäfer of Siemens AG, chairman of the AM Platform and known for his work on standardization of the innovation and processes. He accepted the Industrial Achievement award for his efforts to bring the European Additive Manufacturing together.

On the opposite spectrum is createer Janne Kyttanen, digital sculptor creating multidisciplinary work at the intersection of 3D printing, virtual & augmented reality. Kyttanen, who has been one of the initially at any time visionaries of consumer applications for 3D printing, got the Industrial Achievement award for being a pioneer in Design for Additive Manufacturing, inspiring most with his creates and initially to commercialize high volume 3D printed products. Some say that the greatest makes it to take place where various technologies meet. In 3D printing this is as true as at any time.