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Both Beginner- and Professional-Friendly, the Mankati E180 3D Printer is Now Available for Pre-Order

by • August 2, 2016 • No Comments

logo (20)It is always amazing to hear of the release of a new 3D printing device, but it’s actually extra
interesting to learn extra
of a printing device company that is either new to the market or is only beginning to create into a extra
global business. One expanding company that we are interested in at the moment is Mankati, a Shanghai-based developer that has been working on the createment of their latest version, the E180, for the past two years.

E180_1024x1024The Chinese 3D printing device market, that was quiet for a long time, has been experiencing a lot of growth lately and has delivered a few high-high end 3D printing devices, as well as createing a few revolutionary new technology. There’s a lot of research and technology delivering place in the country’s 3D printing industry right now, and according to Mankati, a lot of work went into the createment of the E180, that is now on the market for pre-order.

There are 3D printing devices for beginners and 3D printing devices for professionals, but the Mankati E180 is geared towards the requires of both. It is created to be effortless adequate to use that it can assist as a starter printing device for those only starting to explore 3D printing, but unlike most “starter printing devices,” it in addition delivers exceptional print high end, according to Mankati. The company states that the E180 cuts down on a lot of post-processing necessities by delivering highly detailed prints smooth adequate to be taken off the create plate and immediately painted (or left as is) – no polishing required.

“Our product yett is to provide the 3D printing device with ease-to-use for beginners, and with reliability, efficiency & accuracy for professionals,” Mankati Sales Manager Jacky Du tells us.

Mankati_E180_-_2_1024x1024In terms of ease of use, it does not appear as yet Mankati neglected any part of the printing process. A removable, perforated create plate allows for for effortless print removal and secure adhesion without the require for hairspray or other adhesive products. An automated material detection function pauses your print job and notifies you if your filament runs out. The E180 in addition offers automatic assist structure generation, thanks to smart software that adds various levels of effortless-removal assist based on print structure.

Speaking of the software, the Mankati mWare program should be especially enticing to beginners, offering simplified slicing and printing with preset profiles for Mankati’s various materials, that include mABS, mPLA, mPC-S and mPC-T. The filament process is open, yet, and the company is planning to add extra
material profiles based on talked about external brands in the next. For businesses with several printing devices, mRemote cluster management software allows for for effortless management of multiple printing devices and print jobs.


Other gorgeous showcases include an enclosed print chamber for temperature consistency, an integrated air filter, and remote printing and monitoring, as well as a modular create that lends itself to effortless maintenance. Specifications include:

Printer size: 345 x 340 x 490 mmBuild volume: 180 x 180 x 200 mmNozzle diameter: 0.4 mmInterface: WiFi, Ethernet or USBLayer height: 0.06 – 0.3 mmExtruder maximum temperature: 350°C (662°F)

The Mankati E180 is priced at $1,999, but until August 10 the company is offering a 15% discount plus free shipping, delivering the total cost down to $1,699. You can learn extra
of the E180 at a lower place, and discuss additional in the E180 3D Printer for Pre-Order forum over at 3DPB.com.