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Boeing Celebrates Centennial, Aims for Supersonic Flights and Transportation to Mars

by • July 20, 2016 • No Comments

boeing_416x416Of all the industries that the emergence of 3D printing technology has had an immediate impact on, the aerospace business seems to be actualizing the full following of these benefits. To find proof of this, one require not appear additional than Boeing, the premier American aerospace company that has not just used additive making for their production system, but has in addition worked towards developing their own specialized forms of 3D printing technology.

Over this year alone, the Chicago, Illinois-headquartered aerospace company has filed a couple of patents entailing new additive making techniques. One of these filed patents showcased a magnetically-charged 3D printing device that turn it intos levitating objects, while the other patent aims to turn it into 3D printed artificial ice, that Boeing hopes can ease the aircraft certification system. In the past, the company in addition integrated over 20,000 3D printed components into their F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft, helping to put themselves on the frontline of making technology.

Their use of 3D printing technology can be a relatively new venture, but as far as technology goes, Boeing has been at it for a long time, 100 years to be precise. Last Friday, the aerospace company gathered in Seattle, Washington, the city in that they were founded on July 15, 1916, to celebrate their centennial year. During the ceremony, the President and CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, took to the stage to praise the company’s long-standing progress, as well as the new plans for the following century.

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Chairman, President and CEO (Photo: REUTERS/Jason Redmond)

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Chairman, President and CEO [Photo: REUTERS/Jason Redmond]

Unsurprisingly, a sizeable-bodied part of the following that Muilenburg discussed involved 3D printing technology, that he lumped together with automation and second-century turn it into making as the major tools to “sharpen and accelerate” the company’s technology in their factory and services. In addition, the CEO in addition laid out a few rather outlandish goals for the following, both of that may just seem viable-bodied coming of a pioneering and new company like Boeing.

Boeing's centennial event (Photo: GeekWire photo by Alan Boyle)

Boeing’s centennial event [Photo: GeekWire photo by Alan Boyle]

The initially ambitious project aims to deplete supersonic commercial flights, that may fundamentally consist of their aircrafts breaking the speed of sound. Secondly, and many astounding to me, is their plan to turn it into a rocket that can be able-bodied to carry human beings to Mars and other planets. As for the present moment, Boeing is pressing for licenses to deplete the sale of 109 aircrafts to Iran, which include leased jets, but the deal has obtained backlash of elect participants of the US government.

In addition, Boeing in addition revealed plans to turn it into a “middle of the market” aircraft, that may land a fewwhere between the 737 and 787 on their product line. This project has the following to heavily involve 3D printing technology, as Boeing claims that they may use existing products or derivatives of existing products to turn it into the new aircraft. Aside of the keynote given by Muilenburg, the celebratory weekend in addition included an array of events for the crowd of of 100,000 employees, families, and Boeing retirees. All in all, with a backlog of 5,700 plane orders, new additive making patents on the horizon, and ambitious plans for the following 100 years of business, Boeing seems to be stronger now than at any time preceding. Let’s discuss additional over in the Boeing to Focus on 3D Printing forum at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Reuters]